TMI Thursday: in which we weigh the melons

On Tuesday, I told you about how I had such an exciting weekend that you may have thought it was all for Thursday blog fodder.

TMI Thursday(It wasn't.)

But the events of my Saturday, though spontaneous and without pretense, do contain some definite TMI material.

After drinking at a dive bar, I headed over to a gal pal's house.

After continuing to drink at my gal pal's house, it at some point became a good idea to talk about boobs. Perhaps the subject came up because the majority of the guests were guys. My gal pal's fiance was celebrating his birthday, afterall. So, boys party = boy topics. I guess.

Anyway, my gal pal and I are both pretty well endowed.

T to the I to the double D, remember?

We decided a contest was in order, to determine whose are bigger.

So, my friend and I went up to a spare bedroom with her sister and a kitchen scale.

We got topless and stood with our backs against the wall while her sister conducted the weigh-in, one teat at a time.

Due to the haze of alcohol, I don't recall the exact ounce-age of each, but I do remember this:

I won! It was only by a couple of ounces, and who knows if these findings are scientific?

(And we decided to say it was a dead heat, a tie... I don't know why I didn't just take my victory and run with it.)

So. This is what your middle school math teachers and your bankers do on the weekends.

I guess we found it amusing because it involved numbers?!

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Ashley Stone said…
Your TMI's are hilarious.
Travener said…
Fantastic! A whole post about boobs! Yay boobs!
meredith said…
i would have lost. big time.
@ Ashley -- thanks! It takes some guts to post them, but it's oddly satisfying to overshare.

@ Trav -- assumed you would love this one.

@ Mere -- Aww, well... at least you don't have lower back pain!
Do I get points for negative ounces? I've been jonesin' for another baby just to have boobs again.
Tina Lynn said…
You posted this just for Trav, didn't you?
jayme said…
i totes def have you beat on the size. these whoopers would break that scale.


& gallopfridayspice.
ClevelandPoet said…
totally gonna make my wife weigh hers tonite!

and damn when you win you take it!
ExMi said…
while i was pregnant i went from a full C cup to a (i think it was) E size - it was bloody hectic. my boobs were enormous....should have weighed them then...but as they've gone back to normal, there wouldn't be much point, now would there?
Anonymous said…
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