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like, you know, because i was tagged.

TMI Thursday: in which i won't tell you about that.

My "Fucher"

it wasn't a publicity stunt, i swear; or, i'm already back

because celebrities go on hiatus

all we are is blowin' in the wind

TMI Thursday: in which I am too tired to hone in on one particular event

i cry like a girl, and i watch my television closer than my finances

sugar coma... the kissy kind

love at first sight blogfest, or, go eat a heart-shaped cookie

when i feel sad i look at these: re deux

TMI: because if you don't read my blog on Thursdays, it's your loss

sometimes when I look at you I want to punch you in the face

snow/ blows/ pantyhose/ toes/ woes

monday morning quarterback

Confessional/ Q & A day

TMI Thursday: in which I am long winded but it is worth it in the end

everything but the kitchen sink

a lover not a fighter

Reading Challenge Check-in