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My old bank officially closed today. I'm sadspice.

The bank were I worked merged was bought out by the bank where I started working about a month ago. (Officially, I am still working for the same company, it just has a new name and now I work at a different location.)

My old branch closed at 2:00 this afternoon. Some of the branches will reopen Monday morning with a new sign on the door, new brochures in the racks and blue-and-orange-everything. (Instead of green.)

Not my old branch: it's gone for good, probably to become a McDonalnds or Kentucky Fried Chicken. (I secretly hope it is turned into a Starbucks with a drive-thru, since it's super close to my house. I would go brokespice, but it would be worth it.)

So, I went to lunch just in time to stop in to my old branch and be there to see the very last customer and to lock the doors. (I'll admit, I got a little choked up.)

It was so weird to drive past the building on my way home tonight and see a dark building without the neon green sign that used to be there. Almost eerie.

A wise man once told me that change is a difficult thing to take comfort in, but that it is really the only thing we can take comfort in. To that man, I say -- you're right, yet I still don't know how. Le sigh.

I'm off to catch up on my reader. My bloggy schedule has been screwed up all week with the extra man-hours and brain-hours I've worked to get ready for the conversion of the two banks.

Most boring post ever, so I'll leave you with a random gem: my follower Elliott thought I was asian.

(I corrected him: I'm not -- I'm white rice. Which is true. I couldn't be whiter, especially in the rhythm department.)


Matt said…
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Matt said…
Let me try that again...

How sad that you're sad.

I can see how you might pass for asian in that white dress from a distance. For what it's worth, asian women are the prettiest things on the planet.
Matt said…
And here's something. As I was posting that last comment I saw a commercial about two banks comming together. One with a green and blue sign (my bank) and one with an orange and yellow sign.

Is that a sign?
pinkflipflops said…
I had my suspicions I banked with your comapny and this cemented it. I am fond of the green. My branch is still kickin' but it has ugly signs covering up the soon to be displayed new ones. :::sad::: Though Starbucks would be a win.
@ Matt - Asians are hot. I just don't happen to be asian. :) As for the commercial, that's pretty random. Or, it was an omen. You were meant to follow this blog!

@ pinkflipflops - Yay! I'm practically your banker. :) What state are you in? I'm just curious when the conversion will take place where you are.
KLo said…
It's amazing how buildings have ... I guess life in them even after they're abandoned, or at least what people put into them or how they see them in their mind. My old junior high school was renovated into a community center, but it's like there are still ghosts of a million kids walking through the halls. It's kind of weird ...
MJenks said…
What the hell, Elliot?

This is what happens when you leave a place on good terms. When I got laid off from my old job and then it closed a few months later, I would sometimes drive out of my way just to go past the building with the dark windows.

I might make a detour downtown tomorrow. I'm fired up.
Tina Lynn said…
Well, at least #amberishot:)
Ashley Stone said…
I'm sadspice too! I've had the same debit card number for like 7 years, and I have it memorized...which is very handy for all the online shopping that I do. : ) I'm sadspice that I have to activate my new ugly orange card and learn a new number. Ugh!

Other than that... Not that big of a deal... I'll be in soon! haha. ; )
Wendy Sparrow said…
Things like this seem to slap you in the face with the fact that time is moving along... and I hate that. I hate change too.

I'm sorry that you're sad. I'll leave you with a sad face even. :(
Elliott said…
Again, it was meant as a joke. part of an entire humorous-in-my-head comment. Fail.

The last major corporation I worked for became a parking lot. There's now a Target and a Chili's there, among other things. But to be fair, if they'd offered me the opportunity to torch that building, I would have by the time I left there.
Jon Paul said…
Bummer. Hope you get some Starbucks-spice for your trouble.
jayme said…
you know amber, change is the only thing that doesn't change. that's my intelligent side seeping through.

it is so weird and i'm not going to lie, i'm totally scared for monday! i thought i was prepared until now, i'm freaking out spice!
I hate PNC. Come back to me Nat. City!

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