Confessional/ Q & A day

For those of you who read my TMI post yesterday, I have a confession to make:

it was truth or scare in disguise.

The entire story is true except the last paragraph. Though I was the waitress of the family in question, years after the camp events described, I did not contaminate their food with any of my bodily juices.

Confessing that the end of the story is untrue is not very fun. In fact, I feel my ego deflating a bit as I type this now.

I wish I was that person -- someone able to perform acts of sweet revenge.

But, in my six years (plus) as a waitress, I never once messed with anyone's food. I mean, I may have peed once mid-shift and neglected to wash my hands, but let's be honest -- who hasn't done that a time or two?

I'm crestfallen. Yesterday marks the first time I have fabricated a story for TMI Thursday.

(It's way more fun to tell the truth.)

I feel there is a penance to pay -- that I must redeem myself for the untruth that was told.

I think the only way to do this is to find out what you want to know.

Ask me the difficult questions, readers. Ask me anything your little hearts desire.

I will be accountable for answering them all. I've been wanting to do this for some time anyway, so don't hold back.

(Bring it on.)


Um...yeah...*shifty-eyed*...I didn't kill anyone by poisoning their thick slices of tomato with floor-sweepings, either. *shifty-eyed*
Ashley Stone said…
haha....well I heard a little rumor back in high school about you and a certain someone sneaking into the unfinished side of my basement during the "Design for Murder" cast party at my house. Haha...true? Fabricated? ; )
Jm Diaz said…
Well, I enjoyed the post, and It was the auther in you to enhance the tale.. so, no penance needed as far as I'm concerned.
lol, I was so tempted a few times as a waitress to get back at a rude customer, but like you, I didn't have the stones to go through with it.

Hmm, questions. Why did you choose to write literary fiction?

(i only ask because based on the "voice" you have in your blog, I would have pegged you to write something lighter that would give you more opportunity to use your sense of humor.)
I love your writinng style. You have a way with words.
Have a lovely week-end!
Betty xx
Tina Lynn said…
Okay...(and remember you asked for it), how did you lose your innocence? Back up the truck! Did I just ask that? Yes, I did.
Krapfish said…
Whats the difference between a potato?
Diana Paz said…
Oh that's okay, we forgive you. And you just inspired a new post for me, so thank you! As for a question, I have ten, only because I asked them of Tina on her 10th postday celebration and I enjoyed her answers. It'll be fun reading yours too:

1. Coke or Pepsi?

2. Star Wars or Star Trek?

3. Elvis or The Beatles?

4. Edward or Jacob?

5. TV or internet?

6. Fame or fortune?

7. Lip gloss or lipstick?

8. Beach or mountains?

9. Jet plane or cruise ship?

10. Hugs or kisses?
Melissa B. said…
Well, sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do, correctamundo?
Teaberry said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog-- you're to join us welcome any time!
Organic Meatbag said…
Oooh ooh, I'll throw in another inappropriate question, Amber: top or bottom? Hahaha

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