everything but the kitchen sink

Yesterday, I made a promise.

I promised my husband that I would do the dishes tonight.

This is not awesome. The sink is full to overflowing and I have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of the
dishes and utensils may be best described as crusty. The predicament is that I have not done dishes in um, over a week.

Granted, that's only 4 or so actual meals in the Murphy household. Typically, we eat at least one frozen pizza per week, which requires minimal cleanup. We never cook breakfast (unless it's at dinner time!) and when I do come home for lunch, I heat up something lean-cuisine-ish and dirty only a fork. Then there are the nights -- like tonight -- when I bring home Qboda and chew away stress.

(Chicken nachos > antidepressants.)

I'm procrastinating... there are several items that are daunting me more than a little: there's a casserole dish from shepherd's pie which is soaking at the bottom of the sink like long-buried treasure, certain to be algae-ed with mold by now. When did we have that Shepherd's Pie? Was it really so long ago that I can't remember? And why was there only A1 to put on top of it instead of S&P? No matter, it was still really yummy. (Hubs wears the kiss the cook apron in this house.) (I wear the pants.)

Moving on:

There are peanut-butter encrusted spoons from numerous snack-times (hubs) and an eclectic mountain of coffee mugs (me) stained tobacco brown from my morning and evening coffee addiction. (Worth it. I will scrub at those watery brown stains and not care in the least if they never completely rub out.)

There is certian to be a skillet or two, greasy from our Saturday afternoon omelets or curled with the cream of a frozen chicken alfredo dinner of yore.

Two pots aren't even in the sink -- there's no room in the inn. Instead, they flank the sink like bookends, filled up with semi-soapy water and the leftover chunks of spaghetti sauce (left of sink) and somethingmysterious (on the right.)

A glass casserole dish from last night's pork ribs, bottom coated with some fatty, congealed, meat-mush which looks lardy, isn't even soaking. God, help me.

I'm off to unload the dishwasher and then to face the rancid, sticky plates and bowls which once housed the meals lovingly prepared for me.

(The real reason I've procrastinated all week and let the dishes pile up? Hubs did them last week. I think it was the same evening he made the shepherd's pie. He said to me, "We really need to start keeping up with the dishes better than we have been." Since I'm supposed to do the dishes, I knew that by we he meant me.)

(Not doing them all week was my passive-aggressive way off telling him where to stick it.)


lol, I am so passive aggressive when it comes to housework comments, too. And I just finished doing the dishes, so I feel your pain. Peanut butter spoons were lurking in my pile too. Good luck!
Travener said…
One word: dishwasher.
Melissa said…
LOL! And to think, I just finished my dishes! Good luck with yours - sounds like you're gonna be there a while:)
Tina Lynn said…
See...this is why I had kids. I make Sam do the dishes. My only job is to bark at her constantly until she lifts herself from behind her (computer, sketchbook, current WiP) and does them. Ah...I'm so glad I married young and now have minions to do my housework bidding.

Of course, her passive aggressive response is to leave a greasy film on pots and pans (so that I have to redo them), conveniently forget to run the dishwasher (so that I have to quickly wash a few things so my two younger ones can have breakfast), and putting them away in such a disorganized fashion that I get buried in a pile of clattering pots and pans (or tupperware) whenever I need to get something out.

V said…
I love this line:
"(Not doing them all week was my passive-aggressive way off telling him where to stick it.)"

That's exactly what I did and now I'm divorced. I can do the dishes any which way I please now! LOL!
Shandal said…
Goodness... I bet you would've gone a few more days if you had anymore clean pots and pans left to cook with! ;P Haha!
Elliott said…
The dishwasher truly is a godsend, before that the dishes would pile up until we needed one thing, and we'd wash that one thing (fallout from both of us being forced into indentured servitude washing dishes in our parents' homes as children). There are no 'turns' in our house, I cook so often times I just need to load the dishwasher just to have counter space. Wouldn't be quite so bad if they hadn't installed the dishwasher right next to the stove.
jayme said…
despite using the word "crusty", i'm still hungry after reading about all the food you ate.

chicken nachos = ilovemylifespice.

ps we totes got five guys for lunch today. imfatterthancreynoldsspice.
Elana Johnson said…
Grr... I hate that kind of comment! My DH does it too. Gotta love 'em, right?

And I lived for 8 years without a dishwasher, so I really feel your pain.

Sadly, I already have a dishwasher!

I realize that it sounds like I do not.

I was raised that you scrub off the ick before loading the dishwasher, so the dirty gets clean.
Elliott said…
I read that correctly and knew you had a dishwasher. However, with rare exception (i.e. tuna-casserole-encrusted Pyrex), everything goes in the dishwasher as-is. The joy of modern technology, since they expect us to be lazy about it.

I say give it a shot.
carissajaded said…
I hate doing dishes with a passion. I don't know what I'm going to do in a few weeks when I move out from my gay roomies who always do them. I haven't done them, literally in a year. Sad.
Amalia T. said…
You could have just described my kitchen last month-- AND my husband's response to it. (I have since reformed, due to company being present, requiring me to at least PRETEND that I do my chores...)

But man, I'll tell you right now, my pet peeve in life is stuff soaking in the sink with gross water. I can't STAND it. I had to break my husband of the habit when we married! Sticking my hands in that just makes me cringe! yuck!

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