i cry like a girl, and i watch my television closer than my finances

I must be a girl.

Several things made me cry -- like actual wet tears on face -- today.

I am not ashamed to admit the first thing that opened up my tear ducts (faster than chopping an onion) was American Idol. Finding out who makes it to the Top 24 (i.e. the-performance-round-which-is-all-that-really-matters) is one of the highlights of the Idol season. Tonight's episode revealed 7 of the lucky 12 guys and the lucky 12 gals who are younger than me have the chance of a lifetime.

When that gal Didi found out she made it? Yup, I went all sobspice. Cause her friend died and stuff. And, she had on a cute hat. And, she sang a Kara Dioguardi song during Hollywood week. I heart her!

Secondly, I cried when I noticed the state of disorder which is my checkbook.

(Bankers sometimes get overdrawn, too.)

Luckily, I have that credit line which spots me in fifty dollar increments. So it isn't like I got any transactional overdraft fees. (If that had happened, I'd probably still be crying)

But, seriously. My checkbook register has been in shambles ever since I started my new job. I'm working on getting back on track. Just so you know. I'm a little choked up about it though, and hangin' my head.

Thirdly, LOST made me cry. Are you a fan of LOST? If so, you KNOW you want answers. I want them, too. Tonight, I felt like we got some. And do you know what? It sort of made me sad. It's ending: the final season is here. This cuts so much deeper than, for instance, the speculation that it's Simon Cowell's last season on American Idol. *pointing at my eyeball* crocodile tear

Fourthly, the end of the Kentucky basketball game tonight made me cry. No, I didn't cry when my Indiana Hoosiers lost earlier this evening. In fact, I didn't even watch the last two minutes of my game.

(Clearly, my tivo-dance-card was full.)

I expect Indiana to lose... but a Kentucky loss? It's like orgasm. (Usually doesn't happen?! What? Did I write that?)

Tonight, Kentucky almost lost. The game went into OT, and the Mississippi State fans got mad at the end of the extra minutes... and went ahead and heaved their water bottles and their hopes and dreams onto the court.

They were crying, too. They were sad because Kentucky won, and so was I. (I am a hater. Go ahead and send your hate mail to ambertiddmurphy@gmail.com -- or in the comments below. Bring it, Kentucky Blond!)

Lastly, I am a little bit teary because it is midnight and I am still awake. I'm only exhausted emotionally, though, so not to worry. I've got a coffee i.v. drip ready for tomorrow morning, a swiss cake roll that I'm seriously considering as breakfast food, and tickets to the Louisville game tomorrow night -- I think the fresh air and human interaction will do me good.



carissajaded said…
I really can't relate to any of this except the checkbook. Luckily I don't watch basketball, Lost or American Idol... And believe me, I have enough I'm crying over so it's a good thing!!! I hope you get lots of coffee and have a wonderful day tomorrow! And by the way, you have infiltrated "spice" after words into my daily vocab. Thanks :)
ND said…
I can relate to the checkbook issue. My account has been in shambles since I quit my third job. THIRD. Now I'm down to two jobs and don't have enough money to pay all my bills. What do you get with an M.A.? Not money, that's for sure. I almost cried over the basketball game, but that's because I thought Kentucky was going to lose. That's right, I said it.... and I'm a Kentucky brunette with purple lowlights.... what's with this Kentucky blonde?? I always think of Georgia when I think of ridiculous bleach blondes...
Ashley Stone said…
Sorry you're having a bad day!! I LOVE American Idol and I'm glad DiDi made it too! I just cried while watching a dvr'ed episode of Oprah... it was super intense!

; )
Tina Lynn said…
Ugh! I'm feeling the same way. Just call me lamespice, cuz I brought it all on myself. *hugs* Feelbetterspice.
MJenks said…
I discovered this morning that I'm overdrawn by $0.87 (yeah, 87 cents).

That earned me $70 worth of fees.

Fuck you, Wachovia.
Just remembered that it's wednesday. My email has been malfunctioning, so if you had a chance to send me a War Story I might not have gotten it.... try again at mawaitress@yahoo.com
Sorry. Stupid computer....
Elana Johnson said…
First, I'm LOL-ing at "sobspice." Although I was near-tears myself.

And I can so relate to the checkbook thing! *hugs*
Travener said…
I'm not crying over Lost ending. It's about time to get some answers. My kids might cry a bit about it, since I kicked them off the TV even though American Idol was only half over, so I could watch Locke and Sawyer square off.

The only thing that really bugs me about this season is the over-obvious black (evil) vs. white (good) symbolism. You know, Jacob is dressed in white, the Man in Black -- well, obviously in black. The Man in Black throws the white stone representing Jacob into the sea, leaving the black one on the scales.

But, hey, that's a small price to pay to see if Jack and Kate wind up together, right?
pinkflipflops said…
I was in a teary mood last night too. But I just missed my grandma and my friend. Could NOT stop sobbing. It was ridiculous. It made reading a tad hard.
Melissa said…
Oh, Lost! I'm so gonna miss it after this season. I haven't cried yet, but I know I will.

And my checkbook...don't even get me started on that!
Girl, I'm with ya. AI ALWAYS gets me (though I don't think I ever got emotional about a sporting event.) Oh and the checkbook, I can't look.

If it'll help, I have a little something something for ya over at my place: buttonspice!
Sharla said…
Totally relate to the checkbook in so many mind numbing ways...and I DO get those evil NSF fees...which just make me see red...redder than the negative balance! LOL! Nothing like a $30 fee for a $2 overdraft. Rrrrrr.

I got weepy on Idol too, for Didi and also the guy whose wife has been having a baby for what seemed like three days. When he said, "This better be worth it, because I can't believe I'm missing this." I got all choked.

And on Bachelor. Because I can't believe Vienna is still there. Ugh.
Wendy Sparrow said…
I get the overdraft fees too... so my sobspice turns into tragedyspice and dramaspice.

On the other hand, you have a new follower on Twitter. Yayforyouspice.

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