it wasn't a publicity stunt, i swear; or, i'm already back

Thank God.

(Virus 2010: defeated.)

I was starting to get the shakes from having quit social networking almost cold-turkey.

And, boy did I need to get out a good blog post this afternoon. I can always tell when I'm feeling particularly rant-y. My fingers fly over the keyboard with ease. I don't think twice about what I am going to type or how witty I will sound -- and usually, if you'll excuse my vanity, I think these posts end up being some of my best.

Work has me a little stressed out today. I am so thankful for my lunch hour -- and that I am now sitting at home (that was for the benefit of the suits, you know, letting them know that I am not in the office as I compose this blog entry) sipping leftover morning coffee.

And perhaps letting out a primal scream or two.

To be honest, the marriage of my former bank and my current bank hasn't been that bad. Yesterday was kind of like our wedding day, and now we're on our honeymoon -- already bickering like an old couple.

Enough about work.

Sadly, I missed the Whoops! blogfest hosted by the adorable Laurel at Laurel's Leaves. Click the link to check out scenes in which main characters have some TMI moments (or, at least embarrasing, clumsy and awkward ones) of their own!

In other news, what is writing? Can someone remind me again?

Were my manuscript truly my (brain) child, my baby -- someone would likely call Child Protective Services and then a social worker would come and rescue it. Seriously, I'm treating it worse than Tiger treated his wife, worse than NBC treated Jay Leno, worse than Simon Cowell treats American Idol hopefuls, worse than... worse than I occasionally treat my own husband.

That's bad. I need to go to writer's rehab.
But the only place I get to go is back to work.



carissa said…
I'm glad your back! I go crazy when i can't write for a few days too... which I'm afraid is about to happen..

I'm glad the marriage of your work places has gone well!!
laurel said…
Hey! Where do you get off calling me adorable?? Hahahaha.

Sorry, hon. It's just, well, I'm over 40 and don't get that kind of compliment much these days. Except from my teenaged friends. But they keep me around as their court jester. :-)
MJenks said…
I just finally finished a chapter that I've been "working on" for a couple of months.

Yep. One and a half pages. And I'd been putting that shit off for weeks.

I don't know if I'm going to start the next chapter tonight, even though I know how it's going to progress and end.


I wish I was driven to do...well...anything.
Natalie Murphy said…
Glad you're back hun =)
Shandal said…
Glad you got that virus taken care of!
Tina Lynn said…
*sigh* I thought I was going to have to fly there to get my Amberfix. reliefspice
Aimee said…
I've been working on the same book since 2007...


Oh, and don't you mean "worse than NBC treated Conan O'Brien?" ;)
@ Aimee - ha, yeah! I DID mean Conan.

I am silly. I think I'm just going to leave it because brain farts are awesome.

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