a lover not a fighter

It's hard out there for a bookworm.

I stayed awake until 1:00 in the morning reading THE ROAD. I am more than two thirds of the way through, and I just couldn't put it down last night. It's hard to find a stopping point since there are no chapter divisions, and since it is the best book ever written. Well, it's already on my top ten.

When I finally decided I had to get to bed, I flicked off the television with the remote, then got off the couch and pressed the power button in an attempt to turn it off again. Oops.

(I do bizarre things when I'm sleepy.)

In other news, I missed out on the fight scene blogfest hosted by Mireyah Wolfe over at Crimson Ink. Sheeshspice. I really wanted to post a scene in which my main character gets all up in someone's grill. Look for my belated fight scene: coming soon. In the meantime, I will leave you with this important piece of information:

it's one month until my birthday!

Will there be a bloggy birthday party here at musings of amber murphy on March 2nd? Oh, yes -- there will be. Save the date!

Will I regale you with memories from each year of my life? Perhaps.

Will I post about neat-o events which have taken place each March since 1981? Maybe.

Will I scan in some baby photos and some pictures of me as an awkward kidlet? It's a definite possibility.

Will we ring in my last twenties birthday with compliments about how young I still look? Absolutely!

Oh, eekspice. I have to leave for work in thirty minutes. Where did the morning go? Shower: like now.


Yvonne said…
I loved that book. A lot of people have said...oh, that's too depressing for me, too dark, etc. etc. Well, look around at what we're doing to this beautiful planet. I was so disappointed that the movie never came out. Or if it did it was only on limited release...about the same time that Twilight clogged up the screens.He is a master storyteller. You'd probably like Cities of the Plain too, if you haven't already read it.
Have a good week!
Travener said…
I have to agree that The Road was pretty good, especially since it spins a pretty simple idea out for all those pages while holding one's interest.
jayme said…
sheeshspice is right. you double timed your remote? well done ms murph.

...it's 10:40 and i'll be honest...i'm not sure we've unlocked the doors?
Ashley Stone said…
what's "The Road" about? I'm looking for a good book
Susan R. Mills said…
My brother's birthday is March 2nd. Anyway, I look forward to the party!
Yvonne - I love it, too. I can't wait to see the movie, but I'm sure it won't compare to what's on the pages. I haven't read Cities of the Plain -- I'll have to check it out!

Trav - Yes, isn't it amazing how the imagery never gets old?

jayme - slowspice?

ashley - The Road is about a father and son who are traveling south after some massive diaster (nuclear, maybe?) has all but destroyed the planet. There are few people left, and hardly any resources. Everything is covered in ash. Basically, so far, it's just about their attempt to survive. It is kind of dark, but it's really really good.

Sussan - Your brother and I share birthday's with Jon Bon Jovi and Dr. Suess!
Melissa said…
Oh, I loved Tohe Road. I read it in two days because I had a hard time putting it down. And I totally cried when I got to the end. Well, not full out boo hooing, but I did get teary eyed.
Elana Johnson said…
Dude, no fair that you were born in the 80's! The 70's were all the rage! I can't wait to see what you decide to do. :)
I missed the fight fest too. Oh well, we can both have a belated one.
Tina Lynn said…
I think a birthday celebration is definitely penciled in...or possibly in large letters with permanent marker:)BBB <---That's my Jacob Black abs smiley:)BBB
Anonymous said…
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carissajaded said…
ahhh the road was wonderful, i went through it the same way. I wish i could be there in a month to celebrate your bday with you!!! Hugs!!

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