snow/ blows/ pantyhose/ toes/ woes

This is the best day of my life.

I just realized that I can blog at work.

I tried to pull up my blog on my worky-computer not long after I started my new position with [name redacted] Bank. I enetered my bloggy address and a warning box came up that said heck, no, you can't go... there.

Today, I thought, what the... and tried again.

I logged into my google account and -- here I am.

(I'll pause for your soulful ovation, your tearful applause...)

Thank you, thank you. I'm touchedspice. Please, sit down.

So yeah, I'm at work but there's no work to be done right now (even though every area school is closed, no one is out and about today.) Louisville got a snow dump of some inches last night, and the roads are empty and white today. No, it isn't much -- it's still snowing and we're looking at a total of maybe seven inches by the end of the day. (I know you guys in the D.C. area probably want to tell us Kentuckians me personally to suck it up. That's fair.)

I would like to point out that an employee of one of those video game stores says that at his place, business is booming today. (You know, just for the record.)

The roads aren't too terribly bad... if you drive slowly and in a lower gear and with both hands latched to the steering wheel. Oh, and your knuckles are required to turn a painful white. My top speed on the drive to work this morning was about 20 mph, but I still managed to arrive on time. (Score one for me!)

(Punctuality isn't usually my middle name.)

Now I'm debating what to do for my lunch hour... there's no way I'm driving home for lunch. I think I'll head to Fuji for sushi. Maybe I'll even write a scene or two while I shove raw fish and wabasi into my face. What I write today will certainly take place in a blizzard, ot at least conditions which are quasi-wintery.

On second thought, maybe I will put my characters in the sun today.

(White isn't Laurel's best color.)

* Note to the suits. I do not plan on blogging at work on a regular basis, so don't fire me. Please?! In this economy, I can't afford to be out of work. Also, blogging is a way to create connections, and in turn, I can use this networking to encourage more people to bank with us. Thank you for your time.*


Travener said…
I would like to open an account, please.
Wendy Sparrow said…
LOL. I like your note to the suits. Awesomespice.
jayme said…

MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess ***** knew we'd quit if we couldn't vent our creativity throughout the work day! SHAWING!

I'm so stoked, it's unreal.
jayme said…
what i meant to say was, that's cool.

Elliott said…
I don't miss driving in snow, but I won't mind it when we're back there next winter, either. It's just something I take for granted, and I realize snow is falling where snow seldom fell before this year.

When I used to blog at work, I was still more productive than the rest of my team put together. They may not have liked it, but I needed that mental break to do my job as well as I did.

They still didn't like it or grasp the amount of work I did that I didn't get credit for, so I left. Now the 10 people doing the other 50% of the work have to pick up my half, too. Sucks to be them.
Amalia T. said…
I have to tell you, even states that get snow every winter can't handle it, so I think you're doing pretty well for a seven inch projection. (My state, for instance, gets several good snowstorms a year, plus a bunch of little ones, and still hasn't learned out to PLOW THE INTERSTATE! grar@$#^#%^&~!)
Ashley Stone said…
I'm about to venture out! Hopefully the roads are better than they were for you this morning.
Where I grew up, the roads were empty and white year round.

Melissa said…
If I was your boss, I would totally believe you:)
Woo hoo! Love the blogging at work. I usually only read and comment at work, saving the posts for the real inspirational moments like my daughter pooing in the tub.

Oh, and just for you a response rhyme: nice/ice/rice/spice
@ everyone: does anyone read replies to comments? I just wonder whether or not to continue commenting on comments. Let me know, m-kayyy?!

@ Trav - I can help you with that! We have an account to meet your banking needs.

@ Wendy - thanks! I wonder if the suits will read it?

@ Jayme - sadly (and I'll be sure to tell you this in a tweet or in a comment on your blog or somethin') we can't read other peoples blogs OR read comments on our own blogs at work... still better than nothing!

@ Elliott - I agree that when I have access to a few mid-day perks (like blogs and sometimes cigarettes) that I am much more productive and amiable throughout the day.

@ Amalia - Thanks! Driving in snow is never, ever fun. I'm sure that's the case regardless of how often it comes down.

@ Ashley - be careful out there, and watch out for the snow winds of twenty-ten.

@ mjenks - year round?! nuh-uh, I don't believe you.

@ Melissa - I wish you WERE my boss. Then we could talk about writing allll day.

@ Mad Woman - Thanks for taking the time/ to stop by with a response to my rhyme/ and for having a cool blog/ and for something-something snog. on a bog. with a log. and a frog.
Amalia T. said…
Amber-- I usually read replies :) When I remember that I left a comment...

Also, it depends on the snow. Some snow isn't at all problematic for driving. BLOWING snow sucks to drive in-- but heavy wet snows aren't the worst.
I sooooo wish I could blog/tweet at work. We don't even have a computer with INTERNET ACCESS! It blows. I tweet from my phone but mobil blogging is beyond me. Not even going to try. ;)
saucyminx410 said…
I'm over the snow too. Ready for spring!
Elliott said…
As long as I remember, I check the 'Send follow-up comments' box, then your responses and everyone else's witticisms are delivered right to my inbox.

Not that I ever would, but the big upside I see to working at home are beer lunches. Not that I ever would. Never.
I'm sorry that you all are getting so much snow (but secretly VERY glad that my area of the world is NOT!)
Soooo.... Just a quick reminder that if you ever feel like guest blogging for me I'd love to have a waitressing war story from ya. Hint! Hint!
Sharla said…
Yep, I blog from work too. They've blocked FB so I can't do that which is probably a very good thing. So I try to get all my bloggity stuff done at work...not every day, every couple of days. Then I don't have to worry about it at home!
Natalie said…
You are hilarious. The note to the suits killed me.
Elana Johnson said…
Love the note at the end! I'm so glad it's snowing somewhere else for a change. :)

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