sugar coma... the kissy kind

This just happened, while I was sitting here reading blogs and my hubs was playing a shoot-em-up x-box game. (This whole scenario is also known as federal holiday: in which bankers get a paid day off.)

Hubs: This guy I'm killing on here? His name is Zack Attack.

Me: Is he aware that's the name of Zack Morris' band?

(I just wanted to inform you that sometimes here at the musings of amber murphy headquaters, there actually are some really romantic moments.)

Likely, I'm just feeling generous after getting flowers, a couple of IU tee-shirts (I think he finally got my "no jewelry" memo!) and being cooked a tasty medium-rare filet last night. Ohh, and there was a cheesy card, too, which, let's be honest, wasn't as good as a funny card would have been.

How was your Valentine's Day? Did you eat chocolate? Was there passion? Were you alone, even when you were with someone?

Oh, hell. You all know me. It wasn't really as bad as all that.


MJenks said…
There was "chocolate".

The kind of "chocolate" you share about on Thursday.

jayme said…
what's valentines day? i missspice you! but we get to PAAARTTTY from 1-5 tomorrow! OW!
We looked at open houses. We have as much romance as a couple of siblings born above the Mason-Dixon line.
Amalia T. said…
We celebrated with a trip to see Percy Jackson-- and I got not one, but TWO boxes of chocolates! El Husband was trying to make up for the lack of flowers, since the local florist went out of business.

Oh, Zack Morris. Where would we be without you?
Travener said…
Chocolate, yes, like I need the calories.

My whole life is an interior monologue.

Romance? Not since 1986, really.
Tina Lynn said…
My romantic moment of the day actually happened between two of my characters.
Ashley Stone said…
love me some Saved by the Bell!
Elliott said…
I will freely admit I had to Google 'Zach Morris'.

We slept in (rare for me) and went shooting at an abandoned warehouse we found last week. Lori didn't bring her memory card last week, so we had to go back.
Ahhh, Valentines Day.
The Huz gave me a beer (he knows what it takes to keep this girl happy!)
Then I got to watch (and wait on) all of humanity as they participated in the tradition of taking ones spouse/mistress out to dinner.
It was very romantic (for none of us...)

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