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Thank you, dear readers, for leaving me questions to answer in the comments section of my Friday post. Since 90% of your inquiries will require answers in the realm of TMI, I will be responding in my Thursday post.

Did you forget to ask me a personal (or impersonal?) question?
There's still time!
Feel free to ask away. All topics are fair game -- and I'll be required to answer, as I am very, very brave and do quite enjoy the weekly overshare.

Moving on.

I'm certain several bloggers are posting about the big game last night. As a Colts fan, I am disappointed that my Christmas pajama pants did not turn out to be my lucky charm. However, as a football fan, I found the game exciting. (That onside kick to start the third quarter was ballsy genius.) Furthermore, as a relatively decent human being, I was happy to see the Saints win one.

So, congrats to the South.

(Plus, both Sean Payton and Drew Brees are seriously hotspice.)

(Sorry Peyton Manning. You're still my favorite QB. I'll be your tight end.)

I'm also certain that several bloggers are writing about their favorite Superbowl commercials. I'll admit I was partial to the Dorito's advert --  little kids with attitude get me every time. Another gem was Betty White getting reamed while playing touch football. It made me laugh and want a Snickers real bad. In addition to being wildly funny, it sort of took the wind out of the controversial sails of the Tebow anti-abortion commercial (which, really, was quite vague in its message, anyway.)

My favorite commercial, by a mile, was the google search ad. I know I wasn't the only gal who got a little emotional watching it. Right, ladies?! Right?

Okay, so there you have it: my super Superbowl recap.

Just call me sportyspice.


jayme said…
dear reggie bush, drew, and sean,


Ashley Stone said…
I didn't see all the commercials cause...well I wasn't paying attention. But I loved the Doritos commercial with the dog and the bark collar, so funny. I'll have to look up the ones you mentioned now.
Apparently, you're so upset by the outcome of the game, you've fallen on your side.

I watched some of the game. This is the first time since 2004 (I think), that I watched the game.

But, seriously? The fix was in on this from the get-go.
Shandal said…
The one freaking commercial I missed happened to be that damn Google one that everyone is talking about. Surely I can find it on the net somewhere!
Elana Johnson said…
Sportyspice! Ha ha! I'll see if I can think of a question. :)

And is it bad that I didn't see a single commercial? Or any of the super bowl at all? *ducks*
Tina Lynn said…
Peyton Manning is yummyspice:)
pinkflipflops said…
I am very glad that Manning did not win. I am not a fan of him. And my OSU boys got a Superbowl Win so that's good. And Drew Brees is hotttt. And his son is cute. I kind of want a bud light house.
carissajaded said…
I loved the Betty White commercial... I sadly only watched about 30 minutes of commercials... and no game... but... that's how I roll.
Aimee said…
Loved the Doritos ad.

You're a better person than I am, though, because I was NOT happy to see the Saints win.

They have been added to my list of teams to hate.

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