TMI Thursday: in which i won't tell you about that.

TMI Thursday
Oh, alright. You didn't ask for this, so I won't tell you.

I won't tell you about the explosive way I decorated the back end of the toilet seat yesterday during my lunch hour when I almost didn't make it to the loo...

or the details, including the way it happened -- in which I began decorating while still in hover mode, pulling down my pants with an urgency...

or that after I cleaned up my earth-toned artwork and was back in the living room touching up my Wednesday blog post that felt a little something chilly near my tail bone, and had to change my panties.

No, I won't tell you about any of that.

Because even though being a poopy-pants certaintly fits the TMI Thursday category, it's just far too disgusting to admit that I can't get my pants firmly around my ankles and seal my ass to a toilet seat on time at the age of 28.

I mean, seriously, that's repulsivespice.

Who would read or comment on a blog post like that anyway? What well-adjusted adult would be able to relate?

This post is brought to you by UPS. (Unusal poopy situations.)

What can brown do for you?

Check out Lilu's blog for more tragic (and less smelly) tales.


Matt said…
I would never comment on such vulgarity. Or read about it.

I'm sorry Madam. Should you ever post such crudity you will be banned from my blog roll.
KLo said…
Well, I certainly didn't read it ... but if I had, I would have gained a great deal of respect for someone willing to let it all hang out (so to speak ;-)) in a quasi-public forum.
I'll never here that phrase again without thinking about your ass hovering.

Wouldn't be bad if I played on that team.

Thanks for the visual.
Sierra Godfrey said…
Your TMI Thursday is to diespice for, Amber.
pinkflipflops said…
I will add a TMI poop story to yours so you won't feel left out. I would definitely not have had a crap so big tonight that I wanted to call my husband in and brag about how big it was. Nor would I have thought, damn that would be one big penis. I would never be that disgusting. And that totally isn't even my most TMI poop story.. ha
Livia said…
Thanks for not telling us about that.
Tina Lynn said…
You are made of awesome, Amberspice! Amberspice means awesome in the unabridged dictionary of Tina Lynn:D
Travener said…
LOL, Amber.

Just glad I wasn't there to see/hear it.
Jeney Peney said…
At least you made it to a toilet.

And none of it ended up on the floor.


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