when i feel sad i look at these: re deux

I have been feeling kind of low the past couple of days.

I mean, there are multiple factors, a couple of which are sports related. The end of football season is always a sad time (I'm like a man, I know) and I'm currently watching my Indiana basketball Hoosiers play the number 13 ranked Wisconsin Badgers, in what is sure to be another painful loss. (We're currently getting blown out.)

There are other important motivating factors: the general state of disorder that is my house, the crabby way in which I have interacted with hubs as of late, my overall lack of an actual social life, and financial woes a plenty.

(I mean, I didn't even feel like blogging yesteray, and when I don't blog on a weekday, it usually means I'm having a pretty awfulspice day.)

I think I'm just exhausted from my new work schedule. Don't get me wrong -- I really do like my new bank branch, but work is no longer a place where I already know everything about my job.  

(Yeah, so I've been having a pity party.)

I'm sure that this, too, shall pass. 

Still, I need a little pick-me-up today. 

This is my niece, Carley, whom I love and adore.
Sometimes, my sister and I teach her how to front.
Or, we practice our puckers.
We take time to stop and smell the roses.
And look smashing in black and white.
She looks up to me.
She knows how to pray.
How could I ever feel blue with this little girl in my life?


Sorry you're feeling bleh. The end of football season IS depressing.

Hope you feel better soon. (And your niece is adorable! :) )
Girl, I feel ya. No more hotties in tight pants (until baseball starts!) and I've been struggling at work myself, so I know how that goes.
Isn't it amazing how little people can just turn you around.
The pics are awesomespice. All of you are very cute.
Tina Lynn said…
Sometimes we just feel blech. Now is the time for me to remind you of just how much I LOVE you! Feel better. And your niece is so amazingly cute! Nice gene pool:)
Elliott said…
Olives were just designed for that.

The general consensus is that February sucks. (spice? haven't figured that one out yet...)

March will be better. Go Badgers!
Travener said…
Sorry to hear life's so...bleh, as Roni puts it. I know whereof you are coming. I feel the same way, only I'm so bleh I'm not even blogging about it. Maybe tomorrow. And maybe tomorrow things'll pick up for you.
I am sorry you are a Hoosier. If you move, life may get better.
That is one cutie-pie of a kiddo there.
This time of year is always a crapfest. The weather is cold. The days are short. Nobody has any money to go on a theraputic shopping spree! And it's valentines day so there is tremendous pressure to lovelovelove your huz. Blaaaaaah.
Good luck. Chin up. Keep lookin' at those pics you posted becasue they meled my icy heart, so they are sure to do something for you!

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