Call me, on the line -- you can call me, call me... anytime. Call me.

This Saturday evening, the coolest ever thing happened.

I Skyped.

Not only did I skype, but I skyped with the lovely, talented, wonderful, awesomespice Tina Sandoval.

(It was only the conference-call kind of Skype... no video feed. Thankfully. I am pretty sure I was wearing some ratty t-shirt at the time.)

Hearing my Sweetest Niblet's voice from the speakers of my little laptop, I felt like I was taking to a gal pal who was right down the street -- not time zones away in Arizona.

It. was. divine.

We talked about our writing, we chatted about blog posts of the past... we talked for an hour. She, of course, wanted to know when I am going to make good on the vloggy part of her giveaway win, and asked when I would be posting my karaoke-dedication.

(I quickly changed the subject.)

(But it will happen eventually.)

(And by eventually, I clearly mean: don't hold your breath. I have to gear up for it, which means finding just the right song and rehearsing it until I sound pitchperfectspice singing it, then figuring out the drink-ratio required to perform said song at a karaoke bar with the added pressure of a video camera in my face and knowing that the performance will appear on this blog.)

She's worth it.

In other news, I planned to do one of those day-in-the-life posts today, but I got off on that Skypy-tangent. So, I think I shall post that tomorrow. Stay tuned. You won't want to miss it. I am pretty sure it will be funny.

In conclusion, do you Skype?

Do you have any song suggestions for my impending humiliation American-Idol-esque karaoke vlog?

I eagerly await your comments, by which I mean I will spend the afternoon logging in to my blogger from my cell phone and checking to see what you say. (Obsessionspice.)


Ashley Stone said…
i've never skyped before! Sounds like fun!

hmm.... I think you should sing some old school No Doubt!
Elliott said…
Kansas - Dust in the Wind. It's a screamin' killer karaoke song, and nobody expects it to be perfect. Go big or go home, baby!
K-Tee said…
here are my top 5 requests:
1. journey's dont stop believing - cause its just so epic
2. Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show - The Cover of the Rolling Stone
3. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
4. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
5.Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

can't wait to see you belt your heart out!
I do not Skype but I do want to do a vlog. You know, after I find someone else to play me in it. :)
carissa said…
I've never skyped before but it sounds like a blast!!! Ok so vlogging. Yes. I absolutely cannot wait you better get on this sooooon! It gets easier the more you do it for sure. I kind of am addicted now.

Singggg.... My favorite is Total Eclipse of the Heart," or "Regulators" or... hehehehe "What a beautiful World in the style of Louis Armstrong.I love doing that.. but that's probably just me!
agoraphob said…
I skyped into a health class on the east coast the other day to give a presentation. Awesome.

I love skype.
EmcogNEATO! said…
I'm in Indy, my boyfriend is in Milwaukee. We Skype almost every day.
ND said…
I'm a huge fan of singing Journey karaoke style -- or anything all sultry and fun like Fiona Apple.... or Ingrid Michaelson. I'm all over the place when it comes to music suggestions.
I skyped when hubby was working interstate, the kids could get on and waste as much time as they liked without running up our phone bills. The camera can be a pain if you've got it on automatically and you know you haven't brushed your hair that day (and possibly not the day before - hey my husband was away, what did I need to TRY for?)
Alicia J. Frey said…
I'm with Ashley. I think a nice = I'm just a girl - would be lots of fun. Unless you wanna try some Spice Girls. Get it. (Iz Beez da Dork)

Nope, never skyped. Didn't even know what the heck it was until you tweeted about it the other day. I maintain a perfect balance of clueless and informed. It helps me maintain my cover as a super spy. Dangit, revealed it again.
Tina Lynn said…
*sigh* After we Skyped (wow, that sounds kinda kinky, doesn't it?) I realized with absolute certainty that we were madeforeachotherspice:)
Yvonne said…
You're definitely crazy! It's a good thing I don't have a cell phone with that capability or I'd be fired. I've never skyped. Seems too scary plus, I think it'd help to have high speed, eh?

I think you need to go part time at that bank.
Melissa said…
Guess who has a microphone now!
Talli Roland said…
I don't Skype, but I should! A friend of mine worked for Skype in London and was always extolling its virtues but somehow I never got around to it! Maybe I'll give it a try now.

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