fish eggs and eyelashes

Yesterday I posted my "day in the life" piece, but oddly enough -- it was not a Typical Tuesday.

I took the afternoon off from work. I skipped out of the office bankbranch office (office sounds so much cooler!) at 2:00. And literally, I skipped out. There is just something about free time which turns me into a giddy twelve-year-old girl.

I came home and pounded out the afforementioned blog post.

Then, I had to hit up the DMV to renew my tags and pay taxes on dear Bella (my cherry-red Pontiac Vibe) and her boyfriend Edward (hubs sporty blue Niassan Senta.)

(Clearly, hubs has no idea that I've named his vehicle after an old man who loves jailbait. You know, I'm really not sure he'd be cool with it, either. Oh, wait -- I'm certain he wouldn't dig it.)

Assuming there would be a torturous wait at the ever-bustling Department of Motor Vehicular Annoyance and Expense, I walked in with my story on my mind and my notebook in my purse.

However, the auto-gods were kind, and there was no line. Oh, the joy! No, I didn't get any writing done, but I did get to pop into the library and pick up some reading material, you know, since I had extra time. (I choose three YA books based solely on titles/ cover art/ blurb appeal and then grabbed an, uh, exotic Chuck Palahniuk book called SNUFF. Yeah, it's about porn. I felt a little awkward at the check-out line.)

Next, I decided that I deserved sushi for lunch. I took the back roads and decided to check out a place where I haven't been before. How hard could it be to find one little sushi joint? I even had the address.

I drove up and down Shelbyville Road for a solid hour. (It's a busy, busy road, with two shopping malls on either side of the interstate. So, rather than drive, I sat at a lot of red lights and did a lot of split-end-splitting. You know how I roll.)

I called to find out where they were located.

"You know St. Matthew? St. Matthew mall?"

"Oh, what? You're inside the mall?"

"Yes! The mall!"

So, I walked about the mall. I found a very curious tasting sample of Orange Chicken, but I did not find Sakura Blue or their sushi.

I called again.

"No. No in mall, next to. By bookstore and pizza! You know?!"


So, I was a little edgyspice until I got my sushi, by which time it was 5:15 and my glorius afternoon -- which I could have used to write -- had wasted into eveing.
It was really good sushi, though.
I even tried a roll with fish eggs.
Apparently, avo is not an abbreviation for avacado.

Tomorrow starts the Novel Writing Challenge hosted by my wife, Tina Sandoval. I am officially participating. I will write 500 words a day, and I will not cheat/ whimper about it/ fold under the pressure/ beg for your mercy.

I'm in.
You know, since I was already supposed to be writing 500 words a day anyway.
*hangs head in shame*
*gives self thought bubble over own head*

(thought bubble text to follow)



This time it's for real! This time it will be different. I don't care if my current WIP is as dear to me as a tiny newborn baby. (Someone else's tiny newborn baby, obvi.) Doesn't everyone feel that way about what they're working on? What makes my MS so special and sacred that I can't just pound out a first draft? Who do I think I am?

Then my thought bubble got so full it burst, admonishing words covering my couch like ripped pillow feathers.

And I put one of those feathers in my palm, blew on it like a wayward eyelash, and made a wish.


EmcogNEATO! said…
YA books huh? I used to work for John Green, author of Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, Abundance of Katherines, etc.

I am still unfamous though.
I'm doing the challenge too. All excited and ready to start. :)
Talli Roland said…
Good luck with the challenge! And to SarahJayne, too!
MJenks said…
I guess the name of hubs' car is only appropriate since the namesake was 108 years old and a virgin. That's some serious blue balls.
Melissa said…
I'm so ready for Tina's writing challenge. We are gonna be writing machines!

Glad you finally found the restaurant. Totally sucksspice when you have a taste for something and can't get it!
Tina Lynn said…
You like sushi! I knew it! You and I. You and I. lasvegasrollsspice
Thanks for the heads up on the challenge. Maybe I will join you guys. Why does six months seem like so long though? Maybe I'll double it and make it three months? Bad idea. The moment I get greedy with word counts is the moment I stop writing.
Ashley Stone said…
hope the challenge goes well!
carissajaded said…
First of all, I was cracking up because I could so hear the asian in my head trying to give you directions. Second...

GIRRRRRRRRL. I know you can do dis. I aint evah had no doubt.

I have no idea why my rap star alter ego came out right then, but I went with it. That's never happened on a blog comment before.
Jm Diaz said…
I may be going against the flow here (though I should be used to it by now) but I saw screw it. screw it all,, and write. Write your happy tail off...

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