Friday Fatigue: in which I am sleepyspice

You've been warned.

This post may be a little sleepy, because I am litearally nodding off as I type these words. So, it's clearly fatespice that I decided to participate in my first Friday Five meme today.

1.How many hours’ sleep do you need in order to be at your best, and what’s the minimum you can get on a regular basis and still be functional?

I need eight hours. I prefer more. Sometimes, I sleep ten or twelve hours on the weekends. (Shh. Don't tell people.) I can survive with six hours, but seriously, if I only get six hours my demeanor screams pothead. I either act aloof or braindead, usually both.

2.What’s your favorite sleeping position?

Ahh, I love to sleep on my stomach with my arms curled underneath me boobies. (Yes, I basically, feel myself up while I'm sleeping.) Sometimes when I wake up I have no feeling at all in my arms or hands -- or that creepy tingling sensation.

3.What was the cause of your most recent difficulty sleeping?

Well, last night it was the double overtime basketball game between Kansas State and Xavier. Usually, it's one of three things: the hubster wants nookie, I'm writing a chapter in my head, or I am anxious that I am about to have a massive coronary or blood clot or aneurysm.

4.When you can’t seem to drift off to sleep right away, what are some things you do to bring about sleep?

I used to take a teensy amount of medication at night to avert the panic attacky thoughts. Now, I just suffer through it alone like a trooper. Honestly, I just lay there. I don't look at the clock. I don't get out of bed. Getting out of bed always gets me into trouble, because I will get distracted and stay awake longer. I lay there until I fall asleep -- however long it takes.

5.When did you last doze off at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate place?
Um, I know there are other people out there who are like this, right? Seriously, I don't fall asleep if I'm not in bed. I don't doze in front of the television, or nod off while at work, or in the car. I just can't. It never happens.
Okay, I did take a nap on the couch recently -- it was the afternoon of the Oscars, and I was watching the pre-show on the E! Channel. However, this was a planned snooze, so it doesn't count.
Also, I had that TMI experience in which I didn't remember blowing chunksspice in my own car, but I don't think blackout drunk -- though perhaps inappropriate -- counts as "dozing off."
P.S. I wasn't driving.


Sarah Ann said…
yay for sleep... I'm super tired, too!
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Glad to hear you weren't the driver in the blow chunks cause i'm a rockstar sorta drunk & don't remember! lol Although that would have been another comical post if you had been the said driver and not remembered. lmao.

PS i think i might have to steal your Friday five.
Travener said…
Sleep is almost as good as boobies. Sleeping with your boobies has to be the best.
Oh, sweet sleep, how I miss it. I'm going to answer your questions because I'm procrastinating. :)
1. I need at least 7 hours sleep to be at my best.
2. My favorite is snuggled up to my hubby (head on chest), but my arm falls asleep, so I sleep on my side hanging off the bed instead.
3. Uh, last night I struggled to go to sleep after a little nookie. It had been awhile, and uh, happened a bit fast if you know what I mean. I hate that frustrated feeling, but it was already past midnight and I have to get up at 5am. See #1 above.
4. Sometimes I get up and write things in my notebooks. Wake hubby for nookie. Usually I just dream about my characters and immerse myself in there world. That shouldn't work, but it does for me.
5. Yesterday, on the couch while talking on the phone. My friend thought it would be nice to read a magazine to me...zzzzz
Elliott said…
I've slept while driving for miles and miles, I never was a good night driver. The best was when I slept for a good 45 miles of lonesome highway with a vanload of people all afraid to wake me, for fear I'd flinch and flip the van over in the ditch.

And I can fall asleep almost anywhere, mainly because I don't sleep regularly so I'm always fatigued.
Ashley Stone said…
I can easily sleep like 12 hours if I'm not interrupted!
Talli Roland said…
Oh, I lurrve sleep. I need to get 8 hours, although lately I've been having issues due to snoring (not mine, my husband's) and an annoying bird who seems to be building a nest outside my flat (a NEST! in Central London!).

Sigh. Maybe tonight...
I almost fell asleep at my desk today I was so tired. Now that I'm home I promised myself a nap, but instead I'm sitting here touring my reading list. :) Maybe I'll sleep later.
Alicia J. Frey said…
I have an award for you on my blog. :-)
Joops said…
Hi, I am a new follower from Friday Follow, please come by anytime and follow me back. Have a nice weekend!
Susan Fields said…
I love sleep, but I'm a much better napper than nighttime sleeper. I think desperation for quiet writing time drove me to it.
Letherton said…
I could sleep all day

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Jm Diaz said…
Hats off to Trav.
I'm leaving on that thought.

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