friday friend

One of my best gal pals is in New York this weekend on an art school trip.

I'm so jealous, but I love her and hope she has fun and sees celebrities cool art stuff.
Here I am with my Mee-gan at a recent slumber party.

Even though she doesn't have a blog (or read my blog... yet!) she deserves a shout out for her pure awesomeness.

When we met, we were both working as waitresses. I didn't like her much at first, because soon after we met we went to see Metallica in concert. It was bad enough that she impressed all the boys in our group because she knew like allthewords to everysingle song
(while I knew none.)

Worse, she also impressed my husband-to-be, who tried to convince her to flash everyone or something. I was younger then, and less secure in my own fabulousness, so I was lividspice. (Okay, so I don't even quite remember the night. It's a haze of hard rock and hard liquor.)

Now, we're super close. We have been friends for years and years. She knows all of my anxieties and insecurities, and I know hers.

Here are some other reasons I adore her:

She sometimes randomly screams when she's excited or after drinking fruity cocktails.
She is a really picky eater. I find this endearing.
She is obsessed with Johnny Depp and Edward from Twilight. Before I read the books, she explained that it was just the way he loved Bella that did it for her. That's what made me want to read Twilight. (Yes, I know it's controversial to like the series. I don't care. Neither does Megan.)
She's a professor of Art History!
She can put together a super cute outfit in notimeflat.
She has an entire facebook photo album entitled "Amber's wedding."
She just ended a six year relationship and is now single and fabulous and unwilling to settle.
She's a good poker player.
She runs around, work-out style.
She knows my secrets.

Hmm. I need to make her follow my blog, and start a blog of her own, even though she probably doesn't have time for it since she is working on her thesis.

It's free on the weekend. 


MJenks said…
Great, another Twilighter.

Well, gemmat etiam, I suppose.
Talli Roland said…
Really, you can't beat best friends!
EmcogNEATO! said…
I was liking her until the part about putting together outfits. I hate these people, because they make me look like an idiot. I'm still trying to figure out when it's OK to wear white. ;)
I'm so jealous. I love New York.
Jm Diaz said…
Awwwweeeeee (breathe) Aaaawwweeeee.... That's so sweet!

Ashley Stone said…
Sounds like you have great friend! I LOVE Twilight!

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