i just want to pinch you.

I married a Murphy, so today is kind of a big deal for the paternal side of his family. We started our celebration on Saturday, which consisted of drinking a whole lotta Guiness (well, for me, a whola lotta Smithwicks, since I can't quite stomach the Guiness) at the annual parade of green-clad potato throwers. This was my first year in attendance, and hubs says I am a real Murphy now. Well, he did say that at the parade, but changed his mind at the end of the night when we had a hellacious argument about whether or not we're going to procreate.
(I'm the one who is hesitant to be with child.)
He resorted to low-blows, like how I refused to even take his last name.

(I think Amber Tidd Murphy sounds even more Irish than just plain ol' Amber Murphy, but you know, you just can't win 'em all.)
(Plus, a serious lover's spat is kind of Patty's Day tradition for us.)
Spectators... and hey lookit! That's the place where I had my ten year high school reunion last fall! Remember?!
Def Leprechaun even had a one-armed drummer on the cabose of their float.
Even pre-fight, the Murphy's were a little too inebriated to capture themselves on film.
It still workedoutspice.
He's lucky he wore that green hat, or I would have been compelled to pinch his cheeks.
My brother-in-law (whose name actually is Patrick!) just turned twenty-one, so he really went all out this year in his little Irish get-up and his beer-googles.

(Now, that's vision.)

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day.
Get out of here. Go drink a green beer. 


Travener said…
Yea Smithwick's!

I had another comment but can't remember what it was about.

Oh, yeah -- babies. Toughest/easiest thing you'll ever do. Most rewarding thing you'll ever do, too.
Talli Roland said…
Great pics! Love it! Happy St Patrick's Day.
Lizz said…
Its ok, Im pretty sure the Irish runs in my family and I know its half of Patrick's side lol!!
Happy St. Pattie's day!
Christine Danek said…
Looks like a great time! What fun!
Tina Lynn said…
I love my kids, but if I hadn't accidentally got pregnant I would probably still be childless.

That is all.
Jon Paul said…
That rocks. My wife is a all Smithwickspice too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Melissa said…
Yep, I wouldn't take anything for my kids, but they are a pain in the behind quite a bit of the time. I like Travener's comment - having kids is toughest but most rewarding thing you'll ever do.
Ashley Stone said…
yeah I had my dance lessons tonight on bardstown rd and it took me a while to figure out why it was so crowded!!! Hello!
carissa said…
How fun!!! I need to marry Irish. My last name might already sound irish, but it actually welsh and i feel bad cheating.
pinkflipflops said…
My husband and I got in a huge fight on Saturday as well!!! Dang drunks.

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