i'll show you mine if you show me yours

Sometimes I wish I could use this blog as a forum to vent about specific co-worker situations.

(I mean, I've semi-done that once, awhile back.)

(I'll be honest: it felt amazingspice.)

But, I am kind of hesitant to push the boundaries. In this economy, a girl can't be too cautious when it comes to safeguarding her job security.

So, I'll keep my luscious lips sealed. All I can say is, TGI-effing F.

In other news, I'm exhausted today. Because I am sporty as well as girly, I stayed up until the wee hours last night, intently watching the late basketball games. I'm running the bracket pool at work, and I take great pleasure in circling my own wins with a nice red pen.

Oh, what? You want to see my what? (I'll show you mine if you show me yours.)

And here is where I plan to spend the next five or six hours:
Yes, there is a beer in the corner.
A beer for Ber.
I will cheer for Louisville with hubs, a mega Cardinals fan, because I am a supportive wife. (Sometimes.)
Inside, I will secretly weep for my Indiana Hoosiers.
(We'll get 'em next year, guys.)
(Or, maybe the year after that. Let's be realisticspice.)

Have a great weekend, except for the person who quit following me. You won't be reading this post, so I can say without apology that I hope your weekend is woefully mediocre.


Jm Diaz said…
wow. taken a back-err-spice?
Enjoy your sporting stuffesees.
Sierra Godfrey said…
I hear you on the coworker venting. I want to, too. In fact I did, scheduled for next week. Can you not tell the story on codespice?
MJenks said…
I recently picked up a nemesis. He's at work. I want to blog about him, but since some worker people haunt my blog, I avoid it altogether.

It's safer. I'd rather not get dooced.

I weep for the Hoosiers, too.
Melissa said…
Well, I don't have any co-workers right now, but two that I had at my last job still give me nightmares. *shudders* Do NOT miss them at all! So I totally feel your pain (I've only been out of the workforce since last May so the memories are still pretty strong.)

Have a great weekend and maybe I'll find you on Twitter:)
Venting is one of those things you have to do carefully and online tends not to be too careful. :)

Have a great weekend and forget about the co-worker.
Elliott said…
I always felt like I wanted to get into March Madness, and I would do okay when the Badgers and Marquette were in it, but otherwise since a) I can't hang on the court myself and b) my college never had a team of any note, I just save my random fandom for football.
Jen said…
Have a great weekend!!!

Oh you lost a follower?! What a bummer! I bet it was the same person that stopped following me today, so you go girl for telling them to have a mediocre weekend!!
Eva said…
This is how I am with football. Love it, I'm so sad the season is over. And I agree, sometimes it would be great to vent about work on my blog but you can't be too safe in the internet era.
Talli Roland said…
If I vented about a co-worker, I'd be venting about myself as I'm worker, boss, co-worker all rolled into one! Quite schizo, actually.

Enjoy your sporting stuff!
pinkflipflops said…
I am not so secretly excited that my husband is going to be gone almost all of today and all of tonight so I can sit in my living room and watch basketball, drink beer and eat chips all by myself!!!! So excited. Oh and I have Middlesex sittig next to me for the commericalsor something haha..
jayme said…
ah! i wanna hear i wanna hear!! about the co worker madness!! yesss
Ashley Stone said…
someone today at work asked if I had "a pool," I said "No, but my mom does." I thought he meant swimming pool.... haha, shows how much I know!
carissa said…
HAHA Im all about wanting a private blog for the sole purpose to vent about co-workers. maybe i just need a new job. Hope your bracket is working out for you!

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