i'm smitten

Well, I never.

You people put yesterday on my toptendaysinlife list. I can't tell you how much all your birthday wishes (and compliments!) meant to me.

Special thanks to my Sweet Niblet, Fiction Groupie, Sierra Godfrey, Mehlane, and Diana for making #itsambersbirthday a trendy trending topic on Twitter.

However, no one could have outdone my main blog squeeze over at Vita Brevis, who dedicated an entire post to me yesterday.

No, seriously. The post was about me. I inspired it. Go there now and read it. I'll just give you a snippet, to entice you to click on my linkage:

And, while Amber is definitely a very attractive young lady and she's also quite talented and funny, these are not the traits that originally attracted me to her blog and such. Well, it didn't hurt; I'll be honest there. However, the thing that made me sit up and take notice? Her love of college basketball, specifically the lowly and woebegone Indiana Hoosiers.
For reals, I read the whole post about eight times.
Also, several of you are already entered in my birthday/ 100 followers contest, but if anyone missed out on that... you can enter it here.
I mean, if you aren't interested in watching a vlog in which I dedicate and sing karaoke to you, personally, then don't bother entering my contest. It's not like I want to get all melodic for a lukewarm fan.
I'm not beggingyouspice.
Yeah. So, the contest ends Sunday. 
You'd better get in on that action while you still can.


Melissa said…
Wow, now that's a post! Don't you feel special:) And I'm so glad to be part of a trending topic but you totally deserve it.

I finally entered your contest a day late. I'm officially plugged back in now! Woo Hoo!!!
ND said…
Wow, I'm insanely jealousspice. A whole blog?!??
Ashley Stone said…
a trending topic!!?? How cool is that!?
Jm Diaz said…
That's because you are awesomerrr...

You coolassspice, you!

Congratulations on counting down another tick on the life clock!

MJenks said…
Wait. Have I entered? Cause, man, I could use me some vlogging goodness rights about now.
MJenks said…
Oh, and I probably should have worked in a little "[insertwordhere]spice" into the post dedicated to you, but "racistspice" seemed like such a buzzkill.

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