in which i have a birthday and a giveaway

The blogger as a child.
p.s. it's my birthday.
And people at Starbucks like me. (I did get this for free, but it was not for the benefit of my blog.) 
(Obvi, it was a gift.)
There's a cupcake in that box! There's a hazelnut latte in that cup!

In other news, I'm having a 100 Followers/ It's my birthday giveaway.

You should enter.

I'm giving away the following goodies:
1. A $25.00 VISA giftcard.
2. An original poem, which will be hadwritten and autographed on pretty paper. It might be about love, about being a writer, or maybe the winner will be able to choose the topic. We shall see. This giveaway is a bit seatofthepantsspice.
3. A frame from my wedding day. In fact, this very frame:
4. A mystery. The fourth goodie will be a surprise until you open the package!
5. The whopper: I will dedicate a karaoke song to you, personally, and put it on my blog, vlogger style.

If you want to enter this smashing contest:

leave a comment.

1 entry if you follow and comment
1 extra entry if you tweet it out!
1 other extra entry if you blog about it
1 final extra entry if you tell me I'm pretty
1 last extra entry if you... tell me I look young.

That's five total entries if you do the whole shee-bang.

Ohh... careful.

Don't post about this on facebook or you will be disqualified.
(Hubs and Mom don't know I blog, dog.)

It's my birthday. You best be telling me how many total entries I should allow you, because I am not doing all the math. I hate math. If you don't total it out you are getting one entry and that is finalspice.

Lastly, this contest ends Sunday, March 7th
at a time tbd. So, enter early and often...

or else.


Amalia T. said…
Happy Birthday!!

You don't just look pretty, you are pretty, and you are DEFINITELY still young.

(I believe that's three entries, but to show my sincerity you may enter me only once, because I would have given you those compliments regardless of entry points!)
Happy Birthday, chica! You look gorgeous and not a day over 21. I never would have guessed you're only a year younger than me. And congrats on the 100 followers. :)

I can't believe no one knows you blog, lol. Where does your hubby think you know all those blogging facebook people from?

I'll also tweet ya. So 4 entries for moi. Thanks for the contest.
Oooh...happy birthday! I agree with Amalia, you are pretty, and you are young. Definitely!

I'm down with one entry instead of three, as well. But I may mention your contest. And so if I do, I'll let you know.
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MJenks said…
Hmmm...glad I didn't post the link to my little Birthday Celebration in Your Honor on your wall this morning, then.
Jeney Peney said…
Happy Happy Birthday!(That's one)

You, my dear, are GORGEOUS! And you are the ever-flowing fountain of youth! (That's three.)

And I just tweeted about the giveaway! (That's four.)

I also tweeted you the Happy Birthday Song earlier... I should get an extra entry for that :-P (Should be five!)

You total rockspice, girl!
I mentioned you on my two, then. :)
ND said…
My family doesn't know that I blog either! Because if they know, I couldn't write about them without hurting feelings. And wow, I'm pretty good at hurting feelings when I'm working stuff out. Does this similarity and coolness in blog clandestinity (which google doesn't think is a word, but it really is) make us blog-twins, because that would be awesomespice.

So anyway, I think that you shouldn't have to ask for compliments on your birthday because we were all going to tell you that you were gorgeous and talented and the very epitome of youthful beauty, however since I get a point for saying it -- there's 1 :) Also, I was going to blog about reading this post since I just got back from the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat and how seeing a new blog made me happy. I think that since I was going to blog about it anyway, it shouldn't count as a point, but do what you will. So at any rate, 1 point or 4 points. It depends on how generous you're feeling :p

Happy Birthday!!!
Wendy Sparrow said…
You're pretty and young and full of awesomespice. Yay... Happy Birthday!!!! Woo woo. I'll go and tweet and blog about it, so just call this five. Mwah!
Happy birthday. I'm a follower and here's my comment: You are very pretty and look really, really young. :)
Ashley Stone said…
I follow you, I tweeted it, I think you are VERY beautiful, and you look SOOOO young!!!! (really your little girl pic looks just like you now!)

That's 4 entries. thx.
Travener said…
So pretty...I only wish I could tweet about it.
pinkflipflops said…
Happy Birthday you young and pretty darling!! Blog link going up as soon as I am done.. I will cry if I don't win .. I am pretty sure the karaoke vlog is the BEST idea ever.. oh and a poem would be nice to and all haha.. happy birthday... from your adoring follower..

that would be 4 entries..
Travener said…
But I did blog about it.
Tina Lynn said…
Not only do you look young. I still think you look like a teenager. I got that same thing until I was 27, you made it two years longer obviously. And I'll call you pretty if you want, but I don't think that quite covers it. I think you're hot. #amberishot. So, I guess I only get four, cuz I didn't say you were pretty. But I'll tweet it now and blog about it tomorrow. Happy Birthday! Look at that. Saved the best for last:D
EmcogNEATO! said…
I agree, karaoke vlog thing? Great idea! I'm getting ready to tweet about this right now.

Also you're pretty and young. And happy birthday again! :D
Happy Birthday from your blogger birthday twin! :-)
Matt said…
Happy Birthday you pretty, young thing.

Husband doesn't know about your blogging huh? Good luck when he finds out. That only deserves mention on my blog.

I think that's 3 for me.
Kristen said…
hahaha. You don't need people to tell you you're young and pretty when you ARE!!

I wish the folks at Starbucks would give me a free hazlenut latte (with skim) my drink of choice. What a lucky lady.

The boyfriend knows I blog but most people don't. It's something of a secret escape ya know. congrats on 100 followers BTW

I agree with some of the ladies above. 1 entry for me :-)
Tina Lynn said…
Okay, just came back to make sure that I was last. Happy Birthday, late, but who cares. Cuz I'm last. Yes!
Melissa said…
Happy Happy Late Birthday. Sorry I didn't comment on the actual day but I was still doing the unplugged thing;)

Yes m'dear, you're extremely pretty and so young looking, why I thought you were only 20 myself!

I'll tweet about this fabulistic contest tonight! So let me think...that gives me
four entries (math is not my thing).

And neener, neener Teener, I'm last! HAHA!!!
SHE walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meets in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellow'd to that tender light 5
Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.

Yeah, I didn't write that but thought it when I read your post. Hows that? Lord Byronspice!
You, my dear, are the epitome of youth and beauty.
Tweet, donespice.
Blog, pendingspice.
Feliz Cumpleanos!
K-Tee said…
mmm cupcake. i think i will bake and eat a belated birthday cake on your behalf. hope you had a fantastic day and got spoiled by your loved ones.

ps. you are young & gorgeous and dont need to solicit the love :)

3 entries pour moi
Happy birthday, pretty young one!!
Ok, I'm entering for me and again for Jake. Plus, I want to point out that you look so extremely young and attractive. Also... if you weren't married, Jake and I would appropriately ask you to do one of those 3-way kisses with us. Except Jake and I would need to be extra careful to make sure our tongues don't touch. So that equals 17 contest entries.

jayme said…
AMBERSPICE! you da bomb girlfriend!! ok, so i clearly follow aka stalk the shiz outta you. and i commented here. i would tweet it out but i don't really know how. i'm getting ready to blog about it.

I promise to draw for my giveaway in just a few minutes, while my accounting homework stares at me and threatens to take my life.

i miss u bunches and hope i win this here giveaway cuz its dope.

This comment has been removed by the author.
I followed and read=1 point

You are pretty AND young. Everyone has something to love=2 points

Total= 3 points


P.S--Happy late birthday!
Natalie Murphy said…

(+1) I follow =D

(+1) I'ma tweet it for you

(+1) Uh, pretty? You're gorgeous dahling ;)

(+1) You're like, what, 22? You look so young! ;)

Love ya! xo!
meredith said…
happy belated birthday to you!!!

1. of course i'm a follower!

2. you're gorgeous, m'dear!!

3. and i swear i thought you were turning 21! ;)

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