recovery weekend; last chance for my giveaway!

Yesterday, I missed my husband's our nephew's birthday party. They went to play Lazer Tag, and then later there was ice cream cake. (I'm sad about missing out on the ice cream cake.)

I stayed home not only because I wanted to watch basketball, but also because I am continuing to a) hack up a lung and b) breathe out of only one nostril at a time.

This morning, I feel a little better.

I think it's due to my miracle concoction: the hot toddy. Combine: a good amount of whiskey, a big spoonful of honey, a squirt of lemon juice, and water... then microwave that until it is steaming. It soothes the throat and warms the insides, and has the added bonus of numbing intoxication, which makes one forget they are sick, and after consumption, causes you to feel compelled to mix up another four of them.

In fairness, I didn't invent this drink.

I'm just glad someone did.

In other news, today is the very last day to enter my giveaway! I shall be announcing the winner tomorrow.

Here, let me remind you on the fabulous five prizes you may win:

1. A $25.00 VISA giftcard.
2. An original poem, which will be hadwritten and autographed on pretty paper. It might be about love, about being a writer, or maybe the winner will be able to choose the topic. We shall see. This giveaway is a bit seatofthepantsspice.
3. A love frame from my wedding day:

4. A mystery. The fourth goodie will be a surprise until you open the package!
5. The whopper: I will dedicate a karaoke song to you, personally, and put it on my blog, vlogger style.

Read and leave a comment on this post to enter. You may earn up to five entries, and don't forget to let me know how many entries I should award to you. Even though I watched the movie Proof last night, I still hate math and will be inclined to give you only one entry if you do not tell me how many you've earned.

Aw, man. I can't wait to see who I get to serenadespice.


I'm sorry you missed the ice cream cake, but I'm happy you got the hot toddy. Though not as happy, I suspect, as you are. :) I'm glad you're feeling better.
Hope you feel better soon. That drink sounds like a great cure. :)
That drink sounds perfect for a cold winter night as well.

I feel sick that I missed this contest earlier!!!! What fun prizes. I'll post it on my sidebar for some last minute viewing.
kimmie said…
Hope you get better soon. Loved the hot toddy recipe.

Take care
What a coincidence - I'm coughing up a lung as well. The other night, a small glass on Limoncello really cleared me up. Hope you're all better soon.
Ashley Stone said…
I loved the movie Proof!

And yuck... I hate hot toddy's! My mom always made me take a swig of one when I was little and we were out of cough syrup... haha... only in Kentucky.
ND said…
O.M.G. In my love for the throat soother tea, I forgot all about my love for the hot toddy. I got a little down on them back when I was nuptualized (which I think sounds cooler than before I got divorced) because the ex kept giving me hot toddies when I was sick until I realized that he was just trying to get me tipsy enough to not complain about being sick. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Glad the hot toddies are working for ya :p
GeekGoddess said…
Hiya! I cam via Delicious Ambiguity's Blog. You are hilarious!! Feel better!

Travener said…
I believe I have earned 5,037 entries. Give or take.
Anonymous said…
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