short, sexy, and sweet

I'm sorry.

I can't blog right now.

I just spent my entire lunch hour writing!

Are you proud? Are you?

You'd better be.

I'm writing a scene in which David (Laurel's second love interest) comes to visit her for the first time since she went away to college.

He wants to getitonspice.

She's trying to get ready for her sorority induction ceremony.

Now the author needs a cold shower before she heads back to the bank.


Travener said…
I'm bursting with pride.
carissajade said…
I'm so proud of you! You goooo girl.
Maybe I need to take up writing. I could use some hot and steamy...

You go girl! Can't wait to read the finished work!
EmcogNEATO! said…
::thunderous applause::
Tina Lynn said…
I need a cold shower, too, but it has everything to do with Sam Worthington and nothing to do with anything I wrote. *throws confetti* Yay! #amberiswriting
Melissa said…
Now don't you feel good:) Go Amber!!!
LMAO! Now that's the way to spend a lunch hour. :)
Terresa said…
I'm new to your blog and intrigued at your novel writing.

Bravo to you on writing what sounds like a hot hot scene!
Thanks for the throwing of confetti, and the picking up of your chins from your floors... yes: I wrote today! I feel proud of myself.

For the record, I was writing in David's POV, and was turned on bc his mind was in the gutter.

I think my muse is horny!

I know, I know. TMI. Save it for Thursday.
Jen said…
Excellent job!!!! Better than me! I've been stuck today... good for you though!

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