TMI Thursday: in which there is a sleepver dance.

TMI Thursday So, one of my girlfriends hosted a sleepover a couple of weeks ago. There was sushi. There was a pretty intense game of I Never. There was karaoke, oh yes, there was karaoke. But before that there was dancing. The hostess is the gal on the floor in the beginning of the vid. I was the camerawoman. It should be mentioned that fair hostess passed out about four minutes after the song ended, but is still fiercespice.

This post likely will not stay up long, because I would like to remain friends with said hostess. (p.s. There is one tiny word that merits a language warning before clicking play.)

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And, as always, be sure to visit Lilu's blog for more tragic tales.


Travener said…
Dang that's funny! Too dark, though -- next crazyspice night you film, turn on some lights! Did she say what I thought she said?
Ashley Stone said…
That is funny, don't worry, you can assure your friend that we can't see her face. haha
Tina Lynn said…
Nice! Looks like I'm going to the wrong sleepovers.
ND said…
Man, I've got to get to some more sleepovers pronto.
Yeah, the quality looked so much better before I uploaded it to blogger! It doesn't come off nearly as dark when I just watch it on my computer.

Oh, well.

You all get the gist.
Tina Lynn said…
Amber ~ Did you see your award over on my blog? I haven't heard a peep from you about it!!!

Thank you for that lying award! I cannot wait to post my lies and truths and then pass it on. Sorry I didn't comment on it -- I know I read it and probably thought, oh, I'll go back and comment later... what is wrong with me?!

I have a cold and a cough. I'm sick-like. So, I'll blame it on my cloudy head.

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