TMI Thursday: in which I ask rhetorical questions

If i do consent to "trying harder" in the baby-making department, is it wrong to hope the kidlet arrives in the middle of March so I can take maternity leave during the basketball tournament next year?

Is it weird that I haven't gotten my hair cut since last October, and am sort of procrasinating solely because I am obsessed with finding and splitting my split ends?

Should I remember the last time I ate a god-honest vegetable?

TMI ThursdayIs it bad that I used the phrase "flicking the bean" at work today?

Should I be worried that I haven't changed my oil since I purchased my car in August?

Is it wrong that as I type this, I keep shooting the husband mean faces every time he opens his mouth to say anything at all? (I'm busy, dude. Shutitspice.)

Is it wrong that I didn't shave my legs on purpose today, because hubs called in sick to work and therefore is not entitled to sex tonight? (You remember, right. When you were a child and stayed home from school because you were *cough* not feeling well, then you didn't get to go out any play with your friends at 7:00 that evening even if you were miraculously feeling like you wanted a blow job [opps, that was hubs] better?)

Are you jealous that in spite of the previous two rhetorical questions, hubs is now making my dinner?

Finally, is it obvious that this rather tame TMI Thursday is completely because I am distracted by the first round NCAA games? (I didn't blog at lunch. I was at a sportsbar watching the end of the Notre Dame loss and the first OT of the Florida game. Duhspice.)

Don't you hope next weeks TMI is jucier?

Aren't you just sure I'll deliver?

Check out Lilu's blog for tales more tragic than this one. 


lmao, you crack me up, girl
Jm Diaz said…
Is it strange that regardless of the rhetorical tutti-frutti I still feel like I got TMI?
EmcogNEATO! said…
Is it wrong that I only visit your blog to see how many different words and phrases are actually made better by tacking on "spice"? :)
Jen said…
lmao!!! I am officially glued to your blog... yup I am never leaving... this is a fantastic post! I love the brutal honesty! It was shocking!

I love that you give your husband dirty looks because your busy! I do that all the time! Oh and my husband is that nice too, cooking dinner even though he gets nothing and knows it!!!
MJenks said…
Effing Notre Dame...
Sarah Ann said…
I just love how many spice-s you used
Ashley Stone said…
is it wrong that I don't know what "flicking the bean" is supposed to mean?!!! hmm....maybe i don't want to know?

; )
carissa said…
I am in the same boat as you when it comes to oil and haircuts. I hope its not wrong!!!
Alicia J. Frey said…
You never fail to make me laugh out loud. I have learned to not read your posts while holding any sort of liquid mostly because I heart my computer.
Mee2 said…
Oh yes, I was going to say something similar to Ashley up there.

Only I was going to say it more like this:

What the EFF does flicking the bean mean?
HAH! I love this post. I am reluctant to jump on the baby making bandwagon and do NOT think it is wrong to plan when the spawn will pop out. I think it is normal and fine (Mom's everywhere gasp in horror. shuddup.) I give the Huz dirty "I'm busy" looks all the time too. The only time he wants to be chitty-chatty is when I'm in the middle of reading a good book or similar. GAH- MEN!
Anonymous said…
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