TMI Thursday: isn't that a ring on your finger?

Circa 2006, 2007 and 2008, I was engaged to be married to a man.

(Now, I actually am married to him. You know, because this post might leave you wondering.)

So, even though I was engaged, I was still a pretty shameless drunk flirt. There may be stories from those years which contain too much information even for TMI Thursday. I mean, maybe. I'm not ruling anything out, nor am I confessing that those types of stories definitely exist -- hidden deep in the vault where secrets stay.

Either way, in my world, there are certain rules which govern the girls-night-out. I have numerous married gal pals who remove their wedding rings while galvanting in taverns of ill repute. They believe that they'll have a better chance of scoring free drinks if they appear single, and justify it from the "what's mine is his" school of thought. One of our basic tenants is as follows -- if a married lady spends less on cocktails due to another man purchasing a round or two for her benefit, then she is really only saving her husband money.

Now, while I always consider it an accomplishment to convince an unsuspecting to add a Cosmo or a Coors Lite to his bar tab for me, I must say that I am not a huge fan of the ring removal.


I love a challenge. 

And I'm not talking about shoving my left hand into my pocket or making sure I only grip my current drink with my right hand.

I like to flaunt it.

(At the risk of sounding like a ctease, I emit the you (probably) can't have this, but you can get it liquored up vibe.)

I mean, it's his money. It's not my fault if he wants to share the wealthspice.

Check out Lilu's blog for more tragic tales!


Tina Lynn said… you EVER have to buy, you hot sexy thang?
MJenks said…
I'd buy you a drink.

That's scandalspice.
ND said…
I love it. TMI Thursday just made my day. I always consider it a victory if I can get drunk on a night out and only buy myself one drink (you know, to get the ball rolling). Unfortunately, the current BF doesn't understand this and is clingy as hell in public. It's seriously ruining my game :p
GeekGoddess said…
Yes. The fact that you used the phrase "ill repute" just made my day. I enjoyed it tremendously!
Melissa said…
You're my hero:)
Jen said…
I'm with Melissa... You are my hero!
I am now following your blog from a late Friday Follow. This is a neat and chic blog, I will be reading up more. You can also follow me at i'm sure you will like it too.

Blessing @ Safe Home Happy Mom
Travener said…
Well, I have a better idea now why all those drinks I bought women over the years never led to anything. I was just being scammed, Amberspicestyle.
Sierra said…
I freaking LOVE your honesty here.

I too like a challenge and never remove my rings. What I have found is that THEY DON'T CARE. In most cases, they don't even look! Women look at women's rings, but men don't care.

I don't mean to sound like a man basher; that's not what I'm saying. But I have found that they don't care. I've been hit on a few times with rings fully in sight and I'm going, "How do you NOT see this?"

Mind you, I hardly recognize when I'm being hit on until much later after the fact, but I knew my rings were showing.
carissa said…
I love it. And also? Thanks to you.. YOU I HAVE ADDED SPICE TO MY EVERY DAY VOCAB!!!

and i did that in caps because while i love it, i also hate it. But mostlyiloveitspice.
Ashley Stone said…

I bartend on the weekends and one time decided to not mention I was married to a guy that was hitting on me at the bar... I didn't hide my ring or anything, but I didn't bring it up either. I figured maybe my tip would be better. But then, at 1AM when I got off, he was waiting outside and proceeded to follow me to my car!! Then he got irritated when I said I was married and needed to go home. After that, I start with "i'm married!"
Christine Danek said…
I love your honesty--you go!
Funny stuff! Stopping by from Friday Follow - and I'm so glad I found you! I'm now following so I don't miss anything.
dustinnikki said…
Hi, happy Follow Friday! I'm your newest follower!

Jessica said…
So have you EVER taken it off? ;)
Now following - FF
Hi there!!

We found you through the FF and are now following your blog. Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. Have a fantastic weekend! ((hugs)) <3

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