we have a winner.

Oh, this is so exciting!

I have been looking forward to this alldayspice.

I'm pleased as punch to announe that the winner of my bithday/ 100 followers giveaway is none other than...

Tina Lynn Sandoval!

To whom it may concern, I assigned numbers to each entrant. Tina Lynn had numbers 38-42 for her five entries. Then, I used random.org to select the winner. Out of a whopping 79 entries total, number 42 was selected. Now, she thought she only deserved 4 entries because instead of just saying I was pretty she said: #amberishot.

I gave her five anyway. It's my blog, so I reserved the right to do that. Kthanx.

The thought of vlogging my karaoke dedication to my sweetest niblet has me feeling a bit weepyspice. I can't wait to go out and get my sing-song on. Let me just say, though, that it may be a few weeks before I can deliver on this promise. I am recovering from some nasty sickness in which I cough up my lung on the regular. You'll all just have to be patient.

So, Teener, here's what I need from you!
Email me your home addy. You can send that to ambertiddmurphy@gmail.com or just message me on facebook. (Preferred.) I also need to know what you would like your poem to be about! Suggested topics are love or being a writer/ the art of writing.

Once I have that information, I'll be mailing you a package which shall include the hand-written Shakespeare love-quote frame, the $25.00 VISA giftcard, the poem, and a special mystery surprise!

Congrats, little nib!

Hosting this giveaway was super fun.
Thanks to everyone who entered!
You, dear readers, are the bomb-diggity. Seriously, I'm blown away by your love and affection.
Go on. Pat yourselves on the back.
Put your arms around yourself and do the fake make-out dance.
I'll wait.


Travener said…
Tina Lynn is a very deserving winner. Congratspice, Tina!
Tina Lynn said…
OMIGOD! I won! I've never been so happy in my entire life!!!!!!!!!! Amber is singing a song TO ME!!!! *sigh" feelinggoodspice
Tina Lynn said…
This is the BEST. DAY. EVER.
Jm Diaz said…
AAwwee. . I feel all warm an mushy, and it has nothing to do with that thing my Dr is supposed to look at.

Congratulations Tina!
ND said…
Yay! Congratspice, Tina!
meredith said…
congrats to tha winna!
pinkflipflops said…
i am so pissed that i didn't win ha.
Julie Dao said…
Congrats Tina!!! And thanks for hosting this great contest Amber!
Susan R. Mills said…
Sounds like I missed out on all the fun. Congrats to Tina, though.
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
love the post! I'll have to continue to keep on reading....But ya know - i totally agree with ya lady. You hit it right on the head....most days i feel like he IS from another planet. lmao Thanks for joining & glad i found another girl in the same boat - :o)
Tina Lynn said…
*throws confetti* Yay! Still so frakkin' excited!!!
Ashley Stone said…
oh poo....i was so looking forward to the karaoke dedication. ...sigh..

Congrats Tina!! ; )
jayme said…
congrats to her! i'm super jeal!

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