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Well, some of you must think I am supercoolspice because I have a ton of awards to pass on. I intend to graciously accept each one, but if you feel I've forgotten an award you bestowed upon me, then by all means, let me know. Tina Lynn gave me one, and I failed to comment on that particular post because theraflu has caused my brain to cease functioning. So, she just left me a polite comment to say wazzup with that?!

You might need to do the same. Unless you're Ashley Stone over at Fragment Ideas, because today I am passing on an award she gave me!

Now, I must admit that, though honored, I do feel a bit unworthy of said award. I had never even seen The Karate Kid until six months ago. (Hubs says I'm un-American.) However, I am a huge fan of Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. (and then?! My nipples look like milk duds! I hope they have icees!!)

Yeah, so now I am going to tell you some things I've mastered:

5. Typing really fast, especially when typing account numbers at the bank. Customers are always impressed when I don't even look at the keypad.. you know, the one on the right side of the keyboard.

4. Bubble letters. Especially my own name in bubble letters.

3. The Sunday sit-in. This is where I hardly leave my couch on Sundays. I'm totes good at staying put.

2. Eating sushi with chopsticks.

1. The art of waitressing -- I can carry three glasses in one hand... or four salad bowls on one arm.

Proofspice. I love how my dog is in the picture, looking at me like, "Um, Mom? What are you doing?!"
Quickly passing this award to:

Vita Brevis, who mastered the art of the birthday-dedication post.
My Sweet Niblet, who, if I hadn't mentioned it, is the Portia to my Ellen.
Kentucky Blonde, who is too busy to blog lately (for reals) but should still not be forgotten.
Delicious Ambiguity, who is my blog-twin because we have clandestiny... and stuff.
Mehlane, because I missed her when she unplugged.
Emcogneato, because she just had a birthday and is also a Hoosier. Like me.

ps, it's Follow Friday.
Go link up and discover some cool new blogs. You just might gain a follower or fifty.

Update: Don't forget to enter my contest! I am editing this post at a place where I can't do much else on my blog, maintenance-wise, so I can't link the post. It was published on March 2nd! Just scroll down and find it.


Mom et al said…
Hi, I'm your newest Friday follower!

Come visit me at Mom-et-al.com


carissajade said…
LOL I love bubble letters, but I also can only to my name.I think it's because in Elementary school that was literally all i did.. Come to think of it I doodled my name a lot in college too...
EmcogNEATO! said…
I'm just impressed that you can eat sushi at all -- nevermind the chopsticks. I've tried it a couple of times and just can't get into it. Thanks for the linkage and Happy FF.
Travener said…
Nice to know you can fall back on waitressing if the whole banker thing doesn't work out.
tatum810 said…
I am following from FF and happy friday..
ND said…
I love the proof that you can carry 3 glasses with one hand. That is a talent that I simply do not possess. In fact, when I was sent to get three amaretto sours at the bar complex, the bartender and some other random guy made fun of me because of the way I attempted to carry said beverages. Their method involved sticking my finger inside my friends' glasses. As they are friends and the drinks alcoholic, I didn't mind so much, but had I been getting paid to deliver those beverages, I imagine that my tip would have been negligible.

Oh, and how cool is that award? It's awesomespice. That's how cool.
Jon Paul said…
Three glasses, with the dog in the frame, while you photo the whole scene. What could be more impressive? Proofspice indeed.

With all due respect to the Karate Kid, I thought Ralph Macchio was much better in My Cousin Vinny. I'm just sayin'.
Congrats on your award. It's a great one. As are those facts about yourself. I loved them. :)
Ashley Stone said…
Congrats! I'm horrible at bubble letters... : (
Good Afternoon from a late Friday Follower!

Following from....


Hope you'll stop by
Jen said…
Found your blog from Laurel... she's fantastic so that means you must be too!!

I look forward to following you!

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