wordy wednesday.

For those of you who thought my post from yesterday was the funniest yet -- many, many thanks.

I sort of don't know what to say today. I mean, anything I type is just going to be anticlimacticspice and will inevitably fail in comparison.

There are those who do a weekly theme -- it's called wordless Wednesday -- in which they merely post a photo without blogging about it at all.

To me, that's not lazy... it's willpower. When I sit down with this blank white space at my disposal, I got things to say. I've kept it bottled up all day. I can't just upload a photo and go -- no, where's the emotional cathartic release fun in that?

So, I had to commentate a little first. Now, I'll show you some photos. Well, after some more commentary.

I spent last weekend with my 4.5 year old niece. Before we went to dinner, I decided to freshen up a bit. She refused to leave my side while I fixed my face. I decided to put a little make-up on her, and she informed me that she was not allowed to wear any "eye-scara." We stuck to blush, a little eye-shadow, and some very age-appropriate lip gloss.
Watch out, Tyra. I'm thinking by cycle seventy-seven, she will be ready for  America's Next Top Model.

My dear niece decided that posing for me was pretty awesomespice, so we had a full on photo-shoot while waiting for our table at Outback:

At the end of the night, I let her give me a make-over:
and clearly I rocked the pigtails.

Don't be jealous.


EmcogNEATO! said…
Willpower. I haz it, yo!

Your niece is a doll.
Jen said…
This is fabulous!!! Tyra better watch out for sure!!
Melissa said…
Awww, how cute! And I can see that she resembles you;)
So cute. You guys look like you had a blast. :)
Mee2 said…
I love Wordless Wednesday. Unlike Em, I have no willpower. And I talk a lot when I post my Wordless Wednesdays. And people like to give me shit for it. Whatever. :o)
Ashley Stone said…
cute pics! Looks like she's ready for Tyra!
carissajaded said…
Ahhh i love this wordy wed. Sooo adorable!
Talli Roland said…
She's gorgeous! And she's got the posing down pat.
jayme said…
whata little angel. you better not teach her your demon waysspice.
Melissa Sarno said…
Very cute photos. I find it hard not to put any words in a photo post too. I think itmust be more difficult for writers :-)

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