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oh, hell. it has been a monday.

i can't even be bothered to use capital letters.

No, that's annoying. I shall use capital letters afterall.



No, today wasn't that bad. Work is was just a stressfest. I had to cross out the "is" because I'm home now, so it's past tense. I shouldn't even be thinking about it anymore.

So, I won't.

Next topic: let's be honest. Since I'm at the end of my rapidly fraying Monday-rope, I will just tell you a few random Tidd-Murphy-bits about my day:

1. I almost rear-ended someone on my way home from work because I was thinking about my WIP. (Yay! I'm turning into a bonafide writer -- all distractedspice and dreamy acting and aloof. Abnormal.)

(Opps. Are my writer-friends offended, or do you agree that we are all that way to some extent?)

2. I got really excited tonight when I stopped off at Target and purchased Eyeliner, because I haven't really ever worn it on the regular, but plan to attempt a smoky-eyed Tuesday. I should probably practice tonight.

3. I also got something else at Target -- something specialspice, which I will be mailing out in a very much worth-the-wait package for the winner of my month-old giveway. If your name is Tina Sandoval, get excited!

4. I told Tina that she would be getting her package in the mail "this week." Unfortunately, it was last week when I said those words. (Via Skypespice. Woot!) Anyway, Teener, if you're reading. I'm sorry. Please flog me for my general lack of postal punctuality. Le package will arrive. Soon.

5. Guess who won the NCAA tournament bracket pool at my work? Just guess.

6. It wasn't me. Good guess, though. It was this gal who literally flipped a coin for each game, until I explained to her about seeding, and then she used white-out pen to make some last minute changes. She was the only person at my bank branch who picked one of the teams in tonight's championship game. (Duke.)

7. P.S. Go Butler. I loathe some BlueDevils. Y'all know I'm a Hoosier.

8. I'm kind of enjoying this numbered and orderly post.

9. Ohh, listen! Some crazy customer left a Target cart in front of the bank last week -- I think it was Wednesday. (I was so pissed. It was litterally right by our front door! We even called Target and asked them to send someone over to get it.)

9.5 Who finally pushed that cart back to Target today? Me.

10. In fairness, I only pushed it to the back of their store, by the loading dock, because it was hella too far to be strutting to their front entrance in my high heels at 8:30 this morning.

So, there you have it.
Whether you wanted it or not.
But, I'm sure you wanted it.
You know you adore me.


Tina Lynn said…
My Monday was about the same. I need some chocolate. Is it despicable to steal from my kids? Oh, well...they'll thank me later. Excitedspice
I love your posts. :)
Melissa said…
I think Mondays should be outlawed, because of their awfulness. But that wouldn't really work cause we'd start to hate Tuesdays.

Anyhows - yay for the WIP being on your mind so much! That screams bona fide writer, you know:)
Travener said…
You seemed to have misstepped when you failed to take advantage of returning the cart to Target to get the eyeliner you got later.

Had you done so, you never would have nearly rear-ended the other driver, and your day would have been ENTIRELY DIFFERENT (note caps).

In fact, you might have changed the time-space continuum enough that YOU would have won the NCAA pool.

Moral: next time the bank sends you on a crappy job, take advantage of it!
Natalie Murphy said…
Okay, is it awful to admit that I am so lost when you're talking about that bracket pool thing-a-ma-bob? You've brought stuff like that up lots and I'm always sitting here scratching my head going, "Is that some American thing?"
Ashley Stone said…
hope your tuesday is better than your monday!!! Sorry I left that target cart in front of your bank.....

haha jk
Jeney Peney said…
This post made me giggle. :-)

But I promise I was giggling with you - not at you!

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