fetal friday?

I know that I left everyone hanging yesterday. You know, when I went to pee on that stick.

(That was mean of me. Not the peeing, but the leaving hanging.)
Well, I think the big reveal is best expressed in letter form.

Deep breath.

Here goes.

dear unborn baby daughter son or daughter,

I take it back. I take back everything I said about not wanting kids. I was just scaredspice, and the slightest bit selfish, and maybe I had a giant fear of commitment.

But, three positive test results in the last eighteen hours seem to say that you actually are in there, getting all comfy.

I guess you'll probably be here in mid-December. I never thought about having a Christmas baby. (You've really put a wrench in my whole taking-maternity-leave-during-the-NCAA-tournament plan, but that's okay. At least it's basketball season. Don't tell Daddy yet, but you are going to cheer for the Indiana Hoosiers.)

Speaking of Daddy, I take back all the mean things I've ever said about him. He's going to be a fun daddy. He has such a kind heart. But, you and I can have fun busting his chops when you get big enough.

Mommy is going to go to the doctor to get some yummy vitamins. Mommy will start eating better, stop drinking boatloads of caffeine, and Mommy promises to stop smoking.

(You'd better be one cute baby.)

(Please don't split off and become two cute babies.)

I promise to take care of you. I promise to let you grow up to be whoever you want to be. I already love you. Also, I promise to get the house reallyreally clean before you get here.

your mommy-to-be

p.s. Someday, I'm going to finish writing a book, and get it published. It's going to put you through college!

So, ladies and gentleman...

(I know it's probably too soon to tell -- shouldn't one wait until the end of the first tri-mester or something?)

Yeah, right. I'm way too impatient. I've already told about 45 people over the phone, including my Mom.

So, it's only natural that I now tell all of you.



(I can't wait to tell you the story of telling hubs. I'll save it for the weekend, or maybe Monday.)

Did I mention: squeespice?!


Congratulations!! You are going to be the cutest mommy EVER! Reading your post took me back to the day I realized I was preggers. There is no greater excitement in the world, is there? I'm so happy for you and your hubby, Amber. Yay!!
Congrats on the big news! You'll love being a mother. It's a major lesson in patience )like being a writer, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
OMG! Holy Crap! Congrats to you!
B.E. Sanderson said…
Congratulations! =o)
Jenna Wallace said…
OK, I've known you for like, one day, and yet I am just SO OVER THE MOON HAPPY for you!!!

All day yesterday, I kept checking back and saying "Oh, yeah, she is SO pregnant, because if she wasn't, she would have commented by now! But she is, and she has to tell Hubs first, otherwise it will go from Vacationgate to Babygate, with him saying "How could you tell 130 'strangers' before you told me?!"

So anyway...YAY!
Dree said…
Tara said…
Good thing I had no coffee in my mouth when I read your "split off into two" comment. Twins are...umm...fun. Yeah, we'll go with fun ;)

Congratualtions!! I wish a you a (see one, not plural) healthy December baby :)
Erin said…
Shain Brown said…
Well, first off super happy congratsspice, but since you have invited all of us into the private workings of your life. I hope we will get the story of when you tell daddy. So happy for you.
laurel said…
YAY! Awesome news, Amber. And lots of us took up writing while our kids were tiny (or returned to it, in my case).
Anonymous said…
Congrats Lady!!!

I am already planning a handmade baby blanket for you!

Do you want Hoosier colors? :-P

I am soooo excited for you!
Congratulations! I actually cried for you I'm so excited (not that I want any more, 4 is enough!). I'm wishing you have a happy, no morning sickness, easy pregnancy, and that all goes splendedspice for you!

Babies are miraculous blessings. There are no words or books to truly prepare you. Just know that all of it IS worth it. Even when you don't think it is. ;)
Yay! Congrats, Im so happy for you, that is fantabulous news!!!
Elle Strauss said…
I was totally caught off guard when I got pregnant with my first--it took me days to process it. I kind of spent the next nine months in numb denial. (I'm not ready to be a mother, I'm not the mommy type...)

Turns out it was the one of the best things that ever happened to me. Congratulations!

ps: I went on to have 3 more.
Jen said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You're going to be the bestest mommy ever!!!

So I know normally people give you terrible tips or books to read right from the beginning but I'm not like that... well I kind of am so here it goes.

You must read A Bump in the Road by Maureen Lipinski!! - I've never gone through being pregnant but she is one who originally hadn't planned it then poof a baby is on the way, her story is sweet, funny and she writes letters to the baby much like you did! It was a fun and quick read!!!

I'm happy for you!
Talli Roland said…

Massive congratulations! That's so amazing!

So happy for you and your family. What GREAT NEWS!
KM said…
OMG Yay!!!! Congratulations, you are going to have so much fun!
Sierra Godfrey said…
Yay yay yay!!!

You really have a solid head on your shoulders. This is going to be fantastic. I can just picture the TMI thursdays surrounding all the crap that's going to be happening to your body.

Congratulations Amberspice.
CONGRATS!!! A babyspice!

You had me on the edge of my seat last night, but the wait was worth it. :)

I was totally freaked out when I first got pregnant (even though we had been trying as well), but it's an amazing journey. And now I can't imagine my life without my awesome kiddo.

You're going to be a great mommy. And pregnancy and motherhood is going to offer you a boatload of fodder for TMI Thursday. :)

Good luck with everything!
Natalie Murphy said…

@Nicole - thanks! I can't wait to get my baby bump. :)

@ Stina - thanks! ahh, patience. that elusive virtue. :)

@ middleagedwaitress - holy crap indeed! thank you!

@ BE Sanderson - thanks so much!

@ Jenna - Yeah, we started following each other at an exciting time for me! I did have to tell hubs before I blogged about it. Though he doesn't know about my blog, so he wouldn't have known if I told "stangers" first.

@ Dree - thank you!!

@ Tara - Do you have twins?

@ Erin - THANKS!

@ Shain - Oh, you'll definitely get the telling the daddy story on Monday. You'd better believe it!

@ laurel - I was too distracted to writ yesterday. I thought it would pass, but I haven't written a word yet today either!

@ JeneyPenney - A Hoosier-colored baby blanket?! Hell yes!!

@ Charity - You cried? Aw, thanks, and thanks for your beautiful comment. It made me a little weepy. :)

@ Frankie - thanks!

@ Kay-tee - thanks!

@ Elle - I was also caught off guard. I feel a little bit like I am in shock, but I'm still letting it soak in.

@ Jen - Thanks for the book suggestion. I am definitely going to check it out!

@ Talli - thank you! thank you!

@ KM - thank you!!!

@ Sierra - Ohh! I didn't even think about preggers fodder for TMI Thursdays. Funspice!!

@ Roni - thanks. It was kind of fun to hold out on everyone via twitter last night. :) I can't wait to be a Mom. It's so crazy how that fear just went away in a second.

@ Natalie Murphy - Ha! The Murphy's are taking over!
Simon C. Larter said…
Ahh... congratulations, good lady! Les enfants are the awesomespice. I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy and the easiest of easy deliveries. Like... contraction, rest, contraction... pop! Babyspice.

Also, it is a source of immense amusement to me that you've linked my blog in your pregnancy announcement. I'm awfully flattered, and may be blushing a bit.

You were, though, a dirty, dirty tease.
Ashley Stone said…
Oh wow!!! This is HUGE!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Travener said…
OH MY GOD. I'm offline one day - one day! - and you make this mega announcement.

CONGRATULATIONS. I am so happy for you and your husband. I wish you a happy and health pregnancy.
Elana Johnson said…
Yay! Congrats to you!

And there's nothing better than a mid-December birthday. I have one and so does my daughter. They're magical. So enjoy!
Melissa said…
Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you. I totally teared up when I read your letter to the little one. You're going to be an awesomespice mommy! Just be prepared for the sleepless nights:)
Yvonne Osborne said…
Wow! I'm so glad I happened by your place today, Amber. That's great news!! You'll be a wonderful mommy. Yes, this takes me back.....that satisfied feeling of another life inside of you. Steller news for you and your hubcap! I bet the first thing you'll buy baby spice is crayons.
Tina Lynn said…
Wow. I love him/her already:) Congratulations! *holds up glass of sparkling grape juice* Here's to the mini-Murphy!
saucyminx410 said…
Yay! So happy for you- I CAN NOT WAIT to read all about you being all knocked up and things! I'm sure you will elaborate like no one else can! Congrats!
pinkflipflops said…
Congratulations!!!!! I hope to be joining you in the bun in the oven department very soon, if my body cooperates but if the last 6 months are an indication.. it will be awhile. so happy for you!
ND said…
Holy crap! Congratspice! I disappear from blogger for a week, and you go and get all preggers and have tons of crazy news to share! So exciting!!

Oh, and btw, I was born super close to Christmas, so if you ever wrap that baby Murphy's birthday presents in Christmas paper, I will hunt you down. For realspice.
Jen said…
I have an award for you!!
OMG, that's awesome. Congratulations!
carissajaded said…
For serious, Im just now getting around to the blogging world but CONGRATS!! I am so happy for you and so excited that I get to follow along!
Shandal said…
Congratulations! How fun! Now it's time to think about baby names! Woohoo! :)
I just saw! Congratulations!

And good for you for quitting smoking for the baby. I know it's hard--my friend did the same after she found out she was pregnant. That's tough, and I'm proud of you both. :)

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