i need a nap. and a map.

I haven't done jackspice since I found out I have a bun in the oven.

I mean, I haven't even opened the document where my WIP lives -- not since last Wednesday, which I now refer to as the-last-day-I-lived-in-innocent-bliss.

I'm so preoccupied -- already. Is this normal?

I can't stop: thinking about baby names, touching my belly, weighing myself, staring at my belly, contemplating the absurd amount of housework there is to do before a living infant can move in here, reading about foods to eat, reading about foods not to eat, generally bitching due to a (not complete) lack of nicotine and caffeine, telling random people I'm pregnant, worrying about money, worrying about having a miscarriage, worrying about the baby not being healthy and wondering if I will crumble and feel like it is my fault if the baby isn't healthy, freaking out about the thought of giving birth, feeling anxious every time I cough, like something inside me might become detached.


Again. Is this normal?

Why don't I feel like writing my story?

Why do I feel like clicking delete and starting over, as if I know more now than I did less than a week ago?


Shain Brown said…
You know, Janet Evanovich allows her readers to name her new books. Maybe, well just maybe you might consider a "Name the Bun" contest. Though it would be just for fun.
Jenna Wallace said…
Yep, totally normal. And you can blame it on hormones. I lived through nine months of "pregnancy brain" which made me do strange things like take up quilting (to be all domestic-like) and once caused me to buy 7 pounds of bananas. You'll have good days and bad days. In the meantime, embrace it as part of the weird and wacky journey that is pregnancy.
Yvonne Osborne said…
Of course it's normal! I had my babies before I started seriously writing so I don't know what would have happened to any WIP if I'd but the writing before the stork. Probably would've slipped to the back burner a bit.
Talli Roland said…
Oh, great idea Shain! Name the bun. I love it.

Of course you're distracted, etc. You have something growing in side of you! Go with it and enjoy!
Ashley Stone said…
I've never been pregnant but I'd think it is totally normal!! It's life changing!
EmcogNEATO! said…
I'm sorry, but HOLYSHITSPICE! Bun in the oven? I've been too busy writing a primer on fake-passing employer drug tests that I haven't been reading my favorite bloggers nearly enough.

No! Don't click delete and start all over. And don't decide on a new hair style while pregnant either. Trust me, you will regret it later. Pregnancy hormones do weird things to your brain.

:) Happy for you, glad to not be doing that again.
@ Shain -- Ohh, I like the contest idea! I can't wait to share some of my favorites with everyone and to get some ideas!

@ Jenna - SEVEN pounds of bananas? Did you have a craving?

@ Yvonne - Well, I'm glad to know it seems normal! I was thinking, when I first found out, about how I could get all this writing done when I go on maternity leave. Somehow, I don't envision that being a very productive time for me now, either!

@ Talli - Thanks. I am enjoying this odd feeling... it's kind of strange and wonderful all at once.

@ Ashley - Are you two thinking about kids? Hmm... I would like my little one to have a playdate, so why don't you get busy?! LOL. Wait and see about your role on GLEE first. One preggo character is probably enough on that show.

@ Emcogneato - Ha! You HAVE missed a little news over here. :)

@ Charity - Thanks for the encouragement. I won't be deleting. Or cutting off my hair anytime soon. When it's August and I'm several months along -- now, that may be another story. ;)

Jen said…
What you need is a good book, a bath and candles, it's time to relax and worry about yourself. Take a few minutes to only think about you... that little bun in the oven has awhile to go.

YOU'RE Stressed no wonder you can't work on your wip, love, you have a ton going on!!!
Amy Stein said…
Totally normal... in time you will be able to think about things other than your child... but it might be like 2 years from now! They should list insanity as a symptom of pregnancy in those what to expect books. Congratulations by the way, you'll be a great mom!
The minute you find out you are pregnant, you start reinventing your whole future. Nothing is ever the same.

Thanks for your insights on my YA novel yesterday. I really appreciate your help.
LiLu said…

I love you.

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