leave all your toxins at the feet of the porcelain god

Morning sickness is crap.

It's like being hungover on a daily basis, except I didn't do anything fun the night before.

I got sick for the first time yesterday morning, after composing my post.

Then, this morning right after I woke up, I had the urge to dry heave. Blech!

Yesterday, when I told hubs I'd gotten all pukified, he said, "Good."

I was all, "Padon?"

Hubs explained he learned on the internets that morning sickness means mommy-to-be is expelling toxins, so that it is a good thing for me to be praying to the porcelain god right now.

I don't know his sources -- hubs isn't really a senk-ya-the-link kinda guy. However, two evolutionary biologists from Cornell agree with him.

(I'll bet they are dudes.)

Telling pregnant people morning sickness is good... bravespice. Now, where the hell are my saltines?!

In other news, I had a strange dream last night. In said dream, I was driving around Pennsylvania with my parents looking at a college. There was something to do with a book that another student? woman? someone left behind in a cab.

Also, all the houses and buildings were very boxy looking. Modernized.

In part two of the dream, I was in a newly-opened Chinese restaurant (I knew the owners) and a group of people at the next table had a movie I wanted to borrow. In order to borrow it, I had to go over to the woman in their group and breathe hot air onto her neck. Then, it turned out we'd gone to middle school together.

Don't ask.

In the last part of the dream, I was working at the bank drive-thru, but I got to sit in bed and all the tubes just dropped right down on the pillows next to me.

Now that would be fantasticspice.


Jen said…
LOL... love the dreams they were funny, especially you having to blow hot air on your old middle school friend, talk about weird. I would love for my job to happen while I'm in bed!!!

You're right, the morning sickness being good must come from men!
carissajaded said…
I am sorry for your morning sickness! I live the hungoverness quiteoften, so we're kinda there together in a way. And dude, my dreams have been cray cray lately! I want a funny one, let me borrow your head!
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Apparently your dreams are directly related to the said toxins you get rid of in the morning.! lol ;) Hope you are feeling better soon.
LOL, sorry about the morning sickness. Get used to weird dreams, they are a side effect of pregnancy. The good news? If you keep a dream journal you may end up with some awesome story ideas. Strange is in!

Good luck. My sister-in-law stays sick her entire pregnancy (hoping you don't) but there are vitamins, prescriptions to help with that. I'll ask her what it is called.
Erin said…
hope the morning sickness doesn't last too long! i don't care what if it's 'good', it sure as hell isn't any kind of fun to puke all the time!
Simon C. Larter said…
My DW never got morning sickness, per se, but when we lived in Philly (were you driving around there in your dream? cuz that'd be odd) it was rather amusing to watch a bus go by and see her retch at the exhaust smell. I mean amusing in retrospect. I didn't say it at the time. (Naturallyspice.)

*hands over packet of saltines*
Lola Sharp said…
I had terrible morning sickness...for the entire first two trimesters. It was evil.
I remember puking Junior Mints and Doritos in the movie theater. The smell of that buttered popcorn made me hurl.
And I could NOT go to Target, the smell of their hotdogs when I walked in the door, well, you get the gist.

Yeah, and no blaming the lemon drops the night before isn't fair.

Lemonade, which I don't like, but it worked for morning sickness (for me).

Good luck!
Melissa said…
So sorry that you're having to experience that vile side effect of being preggers. My wonderful ob-gyn gave me a prescription for Zofran (I think that's what it's called) and it worked wonders to take it all away.
KLM said…
It gets better around week 14. Or it should. Which is like telling you, "Just 37 more days of getting hit in the nuts with a hammer and then you're done." But, hey, that gives me an idea: let's call it "empathy training."
Sorry to hear about the pukification, but welcome to the first trimester. :) I hope you feel better soon. And btw, your dreams rock.
Ashley Stone said…
sorry you've been sick! It's sweet that your hubby is doing research about it all, he must be excited!

Your dreams are hilarious!!!

Travener said…
Toxins? I just thought it was the withdrawal symptoms, now that you've given up bar-hopping.

Don't worry about snide hubby. You'll be getting back at him soon enough, once your prego-flatulence lets loose (and believe me, it will).
Lt. Cccyxx said…
you're right about the cornell evolutionary biologists. two dudes.

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