mark me as read. *shakes head.* okay, I warned you!

Wanna know a secret?

(Don't worry, this post is so not going to be like yesterday's post. I swear it!)

Confession: sometimes I have no idea what to blog about.

Unless I thought you wanted to hear about my monster cramps. Then, I would have something to say about how I am kind of delighted that there is still no fetus growing inside me. But, you wouldn't want to know that. Not necessarily.

I think I am about to be super exciting: I'll go lay in bed with a heating pad, the book I'm reading, and a crossoword puzzle. I will require hubs to bring me my dinner. Of course, I'd prefer to be spoon-fed large bites of his fanfrakingtastic chicken salad, but fear that this request may only result in hubs laughing at me.

In other news: I think I am depressed because I watched Up In the Air last night, and even George Clooney's crows feet wasn't enough to leave me with a warm fuzzie. That movie is straight.up.sad.

So, I am now going to eat chocolate covered advil tablets (they should totally make those, by the way) and laze away the painful hours until my uterus decides to be nice to me again.

Thank you for readingspice.


You crack me up! Ugh. Hate cramps. But crawling into a warm bed with a crossword puzzle and a good book sounds like heaven to me right now (minus the abdominal discomfort, bien sûr).

Hmmm...chicken salad sounds good...

Feel better!
Tina Lynn said…
Shitspice. I'm sorry you're feeling bad. I hate being on my girl. It sucks rocks.
I love crawling into bed with a heating pad. I think I might just go do that. I'm sorry you're feeling bad and hope you feel better soon.

I so don't miss thing. That's one of the benefits of getting old. :)
Travener said…
I empathize, in a men-really-don't-get-it kind of way.

"Up in the Air" sad? Really? You mean the end? You didn't see that coming all along?
Did you know there was a "Murder Scene" Blogfest going on now? Come check out my entry from my fantasy Titanic, RITES OF PASSAGE :
I haven't seen Up In The Air yet- and I'm glad that you warned me about the Sad. I don't DO SAD!
Good luck getting over your lady business. Make your Huz be your slave!
Ashley Stone said…
hope you feel better!!
pinkflipflops said…
i have somehow managed to stop getting my terrible cramps.. i kind of think that might be bad and might be the reason i do not have a fetus inside of me.. i am starting to feel slightly sad i have no fetus.. but then again some months i have been very glad..but now after 6 months i am getting a little worried.
Susan R. Mills said…
Nothing worse than cramps. I've got them myself right now. Thanks for the heads up about Up In the Air. I like being prepared for the sad ones.
laurel said…
chocolate covered advil. Yeah. You are definitely on to something there.

BTW, I have an award for you over on my blog.
Jeney Peney said…
My uterus hates me, too.

Last time it had me crying at the end of The Little Mermaid.

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