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Hubs is on vacay this week. What a lucky dog.

Of course, hubs being in the house all day throws a wrench in my lunch-time blogging routine. So, here I sit, at seven in the morning...

I don't write as well in the morning.

I've done plenty of posts about how much I am not a morning person. I'll spare you another. Plus, I have to get used to life without much sleep by December, when my little niblet gets here -- or sooner than that, since I hear it will get harder and harder to get any shut eye once the belly really swells up to some ungodly size.

Well, this is going swimmingly. I think I need a random five: Those always help.

1. Watched The Lovely Bones this weekend. Adored the book, abhored the movie. Isn't that always the way?

2. When to bed at 10:00 on Saturday night. I couldn't hold my eyes open! I slept like a baby until 8:00 Sunday morning. When I woke, I parked myself on the couch to indulge in the Sunday sit-in. As much as hubs likes to remind me that I need my Vitamin D, I needed a day to stay home and catch up on the internets. So, I read about Brett Michael's being in the ICU, devoured some back issues of Jeff Probst's Survivor blog, watched some childbirth vids on youtube... which almost made me pass out. Don't go there anymore, Amber.  Never. Againspice.

3. Read some stories on The Bump, a website for all things prenatal. I posted a topic on the 1st trimester message board. I wrote about how I was a heavy smoker before finding out I was knocked up, and explained that though I have cut down considerably, I haven't been able to quit completely. I asked for techniques and suggestions from the moms-to-be. Anyone else in my boat? What worked what didnt'?

4. The above question, of course, took some balls to post. Well, not really. I mean, they are just words, and I just typed them and hit submit. Reading the responses was more difficult. Someone called me trashy. Still, others gave me some great suggestions, including carrying around an unopened pack for an "emergency" but trying not to open it. It's much easier to grab a smoke from an open package. But, if I try to go the whole day without tearing off the plastic wrapping, maybe I can make it through one day.

5. I go to the doctor Wednesday! I hope I have exciting news to share. I don't know if the OB will perform an ultrasound or not, but I hope she will. It may be too early to hear the heartbeat, but I want to heat it. I would also like to find out for sure how far along I am. Yes, aunt flo visited mid-March, but sources say I could have already been preggers at that point. Who knows? It's a mystery.

Happ Monday, all.



Jen said…
Well I'm sorry you are up at 7 doing your posts. I hate getting up early and I do it regrettably M-F... if only there was a way all of us could sit at home and earn income without having to leave bed!!! Wouldn't you want that?! Okay maybe it's just me!

I don't smoke but my husband does and I've seen how hard it can be. I guess I would stick with the suggestion and take each day as it comes, trying not to open the pack you so desperately crave!

Good luck at the doctor!
I thought this was pretty damn articulate for 7 AM!
Good luck quitting smoking. I don't smoke- but the Huz does and I have never understood how some people can kick the habit the day of conception (after seeing him struggle- and fail- to quit for 7 years...) I'm sure that you will get a handle on it and don't listen to the people who call you trashy. I have heard that those Mommies on the bump are mean!
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Exactly - don't listen to people calling you trashy...everyone has their demons & with pregnancy i would assume everyone struggles with something they currently indulge in & will need to give up.

The fact is your trying to give it up, you realize it's unhealthy for baby bean bump...& it's something that's going to take a lil time. It's not like your all daisy dukes, belly shirts with a cig hanging out your mouth & a can of PBR in the other....Now that would be trashy. (oh! i forgot the rollers in the hair.) Keep it up..just maybe lay off the birthing videos for a bit -YUCK!
saucyminx410 said…
Those beeches on the Knot, Nest, and Bump need to get over themselves. I used to spend some time on The Nest because I thought it was an interesting website but I never posted anything because those ladies were so ridiculously clicky- and anytime anyone asked a question that didn't "sit right" with someone they would berate them- and that was the end of me on the Nest.
I don't smoke so I don't have any fool proof advice- my mom swore by hard candy and prayer, my friend Emily bought one of those electronic cigs that use vapor and what have you - I know it still has some nicotine but not as much as cigs obvi and none of the additives - might be an alternative not sure. Good luck and good for you wanting to quit for baby - that's not trashy at all!
B.E. Sanderson said…
Good luck with the quitting. Of course, back in '93 when I was pregnant (and smokers weren't total lepers), my doctor said the stress from my quitting would be worse for the baby than a few cigs a day. :shrug: I can't believe someone called you trashy. Sheesh. Could be worse - you could drink heavily, use drugs, etc.

BTW, I did cut back to 5 cigs a day and Daughter was a healthy happy baby - full term, good weight, hit all her development marks on time or early. Now she's sixteen and smart as a whip. Hang in there, Amber. You and the baby will do fine. :hugs:
MJenks said…
You could write in the evenings and set up for an autopublish the next morning. That's how I usually do it.


yeah...I never blog from work...
jayme said…
trashy. haha. people are sillyspice ambo. miss u homeskillz.
Ashley Stone said…
sorry you had to get up so early! I'm NOT a morning person either! I had to get up at 9:30 this morning and it took effort.... haha!

You can kick the habit! I believe in you!!!!!

; )
pinkflipflops said…
hey mctrashy! i post over at the bump as well.. i sometimes lurk over on the 1st tri board and tend to make fun of people who ask idiotic things.. ha hopefully i won't laugh at you on mistake in passing.. ;)
carissa said…
Ah seriously I think quitting smoking is hard enough without having to deal with the stresses of being preggers, but I guess I'm trashy that way. I mean seriously, do what you can.. and hopefully you'll be able to quit completely. My mom smoked through her pregnancy with me, and even though I'm a smoker I think I'm ok besides that. Not that I'm condoning it. I just geez i need a cigarette thinking about quitting. I'm proud of you for doing what you have! And for waking up early and posting! Wowsers!
pinkflipflops said…
"when Laurel nearly went bat-shit crazy. " = LOVE

"She thought he had kind eyes " - I appreciate this statement but it seems so abrupt and I think needs to be reworded to fit better.

"we are thrust into the wheels of fate, which are turned and clank." - I like all of this until you get to clank, and it just seems to need a different word.

"We walked out into the heat of that summer in 1986 " - it seemds odd that she would say heat of that summer.. instead of just summer of 86..

"smelled of cigarettes, not stale cigarettes, but like bonfires in October. " - should he smell of smoke then because cigs and bonfires don't smell the same obviously but if he smells like cigs i dont think it would be bonfires..

"What I felt that day was jealousy," she said to the doctor. "My mother had a father, and all of the sudden, I didn't have a dad anymore." - why is she all-knowing? isn't she at the therapist to learn.. not to tell it like it is.. i think the fact that she is jealous should be shown through interaction rather than stated as a fact by her.

I really like the going back and forth aspect! Nice edit!

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