the spice of life

Participating in The Beta Club yesterday was so much more fantastic than I could have imagined. The critiques I received were heartfelt, constructive, and inspiring. (The compliments made me blush a little, but also caused me to wear a giddy grin for the majority of the day.)

If you did read it, thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!
(If you didn't, what the what?! Go here and read it, like I told you to yesterday.)
I plan to post my rewrite here soon. (Get excitedspice!)

Moving on.

Since I was a little giddy yesterday, I decided to take a leap and integrate "spice" into casual conversation... in addition to my (completely addicting!) use of the word as an amplifier in my blogwriting.

So, when I came back from lunch, I gave the following weather report to my work husband coworker:

"It's very hot and humid outside. Also, it's windyspice!"

He was all, "WTF?"

So I explained spice -- how I use it writing to magnify things. "For instance, if something is really fantastic, it's awesomespice. If I just feel like saying it, it's whateverspice I want it to be!"

Then, he basically questioned my mental stability. As if!

I continued to explain that while I don't use it in speakspice, I did once drop my phone cigarettes on the ground while getting out of my car. Even though I was alone (or perhaps because I was) I muttered the word "Shitspice." I told him that the coolest thing about it was that it was so second nature when I said it out loud.

I tried to do it justice. I felt I had to make him understand.

After assuming that all hope was lost, and that he would never buy in, I went ahead and admitted that I stole borrowed spice from fellow blogger Busy Bee Lauren, who -- so far as I know -- doesn't mind at all.

My former work husband coworker said to me, "Seriously? It wasn't even your own idea?"

I got a little pouty. "No, but, dude -- we can't all be the ones who start trends."

And do you know what he said to me?

He laughed and said, "Failspice."

We are so not getting divorced after all.


MJenks said…
Mother of fuckspice.

Hey. You may be onto something here...
Travener said…
And certainly your favorite condiment is allspice. Or is that your insurance company?
Melissa said…
He actually got it? Awesomespice!
Talli Roland said…
Haha! I lovespice it!
Ooh, this is going to catch on, I can feel it. To tell the truth, I'm dieting right now, and starvingspice describes me quite poetically right now :D

I'm very excited to have connected with a fellow lit fic writer! It's felt like a YA world until now. Though, I love my awesomespice YA BFFs!

Looking forward to reading the revised version of your excerpt!
Julie said…
OMG! I just saw that you watch Lost. Another writer to discuss the plot of one of my favorite TV shows.
LMAO!spice. You rock. :)
Jen said…
You are awesome I've never known anyone to have so many uses for the word spice but you amaze me at you your talent!!!

You rock!
Jen said…
Oh and I love the word awesomesauce!
Susan Fields said…
He sounds like a keeper!
I always wondered if you used the spice in every day talk. And I love the term work husband! I've totally had those--although they usually were gay, so not sure if that really counts, lol.
Tina Lynn said…
Shitspice. I'm so saying that from now on. Just curious. Did you laugh after you said that?
HAHA! I'm so glad that he "got" it. Boys can be so fricking slow sometimes. I will be saying "shitspice" as well becasue it really adds a little exra zing. Niceeee.
agoraphob said…
I will shamelessly admit that two days ago I spent my whole day avoiding a bunch of important shit I should have been thinking about in order to focus all my brain power on thinking of an awesome word to attach to a few of my words for emphasis.

Couldnt think of one. Advicespice?
carissajaded said…
Well shitspice. I like all the "spice" words, and I'll admit I've worked it into my daily vocab.. but shitspice might take the cakespice.
jayme said…
whoa repeatspice and love it more each timespice.
Simon C. Larter said…
I'm going to use "shitspice" at some point in the next week. Oh, yes I am.

I may just add it on to every expletive I use, just for the fun of it. You think it'll take the sting out of it if I call someone a son of a bitchspice? Like maybe it's not that bad after all?


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