tmi thursday: in which part two is making me sweat bullets

Well, this is going to be a treat. Especially part two.

Part one
You may recall that I posted the other day about Vacationgate: 2010, in which hubs and I argued about whether or not we should head to Destin with my parentals and siblingspice this summer, and that my loving mother invited me to go with them virtually for free (I'd just pay for my food) -- since the Murphys are not made of money and have made many poor financial decisions which subsequently require a more pratical use of their tax refund than a smack-in-the-middle-of-the-season trip to the beach.

We're still fighting. I discovered that the condo in question has a stay three nights, get one free offer going on. The room would only cost us $640.00, which is considerably less than I thought it would be. So, I told hubs about it over an email during the work day yesterday. He did not respond, so, last night on the couch, I asked him casually what he thought about it.

"I still think it will cost too much."

"Oh, really? Well, then I guess I'll just go and crash with my parents, then."

His (idiotic) response? "I still think you'll blow to much money even if you stay with them." Anger has clouded my memory, so I'm not sure if he uttered you can't go or not. But, that's what I heard.

"Look, dude. I'm going with or without you."

"Fine, then. I'll just go to Vegas that week!"

(Um, yeah. Cause that solves all our money problems.)

So, there was a ton of silence in the house last night, and then this morning we edged each other out of the way at the bathroom sink. Hubs was hogging the area, brushing his teeth, and I needed my cosmetics.

"Excuse me," I said... ever-so-politely!

He spit and then said, "So, where are your parents planning for us to go for vacation next summer?!"

"Nowhere." I suddenly became the ice queen. "Our vacation would imply that we were both going." I didn't stop there. "By the way, I don't need your permission. I'm going with them."

Hubs slammed the door reallyreally hard as he left for work. I muttered under my breath about it, then put on my eyeliner.

Part Two

You may also recall that I blogged recently about my monster cramps. Oddly, said cramps fizzled out and faded, and I am yet to shed the lining of my uterine wall. (Relax. It's Thursday. I'm allow to say uterine.) 

I'm latespice.

I know this because I had the monthly on Valentines Day, which was February 14th, and then I had it before March 14th, because I thought it was too early, but it wasn't if you think about the whole 28 day cycle and consider that February is a short month.

(And I run like clockwork, let me tell you.)

Holy. Frakking. Hell.

Am I?

Currently, I'm chugging a diet pepsi, trying to work up the courage to piss on a stick.

(I know you're supposed to use the morning pee-per, but I was distracted this morning. Clearly.)


Here I go.

*Stalking off to toilet thinking about how messed up it is that I just whispered to a potential fetus that, were i a stronger woman, i might have already divorced her future father, and that if she is in there, getting all comfy in my womb, she'd better consider herself damn lucky that she got made.*

(Yeah, we're not using protection, but lately there hasn't been much to protect, if youknowwhati'msayin'.)


Jenna Wallace said…
My stars, this is better than any daytime television! I am NOT going to get ANY more work done today until your next post. So go on and pee already!
I'm dying here! Positive or negative? Amber? Are you there? Hellooooooooo. (*sigh*) I guess I'll have to check back later....

And hey, all healthy couples fight. And money's usually at the bottom of it. Don't sweat it. It'll all work out :))
Ok. Just sitting in the corner here waiting for some news. :)
Sierra Godfrey said…



Cause we all know you're preggers, OBVIOUSLYSPICE!!!!

bet this solves the argument, though!!
Well, good Lord, woman, go pee! You can't give us such a shameless cliffhanger.
Jon Paul said…
If this is a rotten low-down good for nothing ploy to get us to keep reading your blog, you should know--IT's WORKING!

Bethany Wiggins said…
You already know... but I left you an award on my blog. Thanks for being so awesome! You are loved (in a very non-stalker-ish, blogging friend sort of way).
Jen said…
Yikes, Yikes, Yikes!!! PEE ALREADY!! The answer isn't going to change between now and then! Hellooo why haven't you come back to tell us what's going on?!

Wow... you're preggers... I can feel it! Holy Crapoli... Oh Me Oh My!
Travener said…
KM said…
Totally not fair to post something like that and then not keep us updated!!! We're waiting!! lol
Ashley Stone said…
oh my goodness!!!! You have us on the edge of our seats hear my dear..... answer please!?!??
pinkflipflops said…
we may be related ha

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