tmi thursday: the mini-murphy-muffin's first photo op

In this photo: I don't have any pants on!!

I had my first ultrasound yesterday. I thought they were going to squeeze some KY Jelly looking stuff on my belly and roll this video camera contraption around on me groin. Oh, no. Instead, my doctor inserted a dildo-ish device right up in my you-know!

FYI. That chair contorts. I was all high up in the air, legs splayed open and feet resting in oven-mit covered stirrups. Next to me, hubs says, "We need a chair like that!"

My mind immediately went to sexy time games, so I got all blushy.


Hi, I'm Amber's uterus! I have a visitor.

Well, there is -- in fact -- a baby inside me. Baby is 1.01 cm long and we got to see the strong heart beat.

Doctor mentioned there is only ONE baby in there. Hallelujah.

My due date is officially December 16, 2010.


Jen said…
LOL girl you crack me up!!! "I don't have any pants on" seriously on thursdays I know I can always count on you to make me laugh out loud!!!

Yay for the mini-murphy muffin!
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Are you sure that's a baby?? it sorta looks like a lima bean! lmao. (JUST KIDDING!) The first time i saw that "magic wanded" I was all like what are you doing with that dildo?? huh? Did they also cover it with a condom & then gel it up? I almost died when they did that one.
B.E. Sanderson said…
Aww, your mini-muffin is wonderful. Congratulations!

And as for the latest ultrasound technology, try to think of it more along the lines of "Abracadabra! You're preggers!" than "bow-chicka-bow-bow".
Yikes! I've heard tell of the scary ultrasound dildo. You are a brave lady...
And congrats again, obvi. :-)
Erin said…
Hilarious! And yay for only one bun in the oven!!
Hahaha. You are funny but cringe just thinking about those pelvic ultrasounds. I feel like I should have a drink - or five - beforehand!
Anonymous said…
Woot!!! :-D
Natalie Murphy said…
AHHH YAY! Im glad baybah has a strong heart beat =)

I hope the Smurf is born Dec 21st, then we'd be birthday buds AND Murphys TOGETHER! ;)
ND said…
TMI Thursdays ALWAYS makes my week. I almost spit Dr. Pepper onto my laptop when I saw the caption on the first picture.
MJenks said…
For the first child, there was no dildo ultrasound.

For the second, there was. It took me and my wife BOTH aback. She was like "Well, uh, um, okay, I gues--Hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallela-loo-jah! What, no, honey, you could never be replaced."
Wendy Sparrow said…
LOL. I loved the caption on the first picture too. Yay for a healthy baby! Congrats!!!!
Awesome, glad everything is well. And yes, that first ultrasound is pretty, uh, personal, lol. This is when our husbands are thinking--man, I'm glad I'm a dude and just have to watch.
Melissa said…
Just wait until delivery day gets here and you have no pants on with A LOT of strangers in the room with you!
Sierra Godfrey said…
My favorite thing about the ultrasound dildo is that your hubs gets to be in the room, watching, while ANOTHER MAN (or woman, if is the case) totally sticks thinks in your woohoo and your hubs just sits there! While he/she sticks dildos in you! And he watches!

Be sure to point that out to hubs if you haven't already.
Ashley Stone said…
cute lil mini-muffin!!!!!! <3 <3

So happy for you!
carissajaded said…
I can't tell you much- my psychic abilities are off tonight - bahaha -but I bet you're gonna have a cute one! love the baby pic! haha this post gave me a good laugh - which i needed!
laurel said…
The uterus with a visitor line cracked me up SO BAD!! You totally need to write a non-fic humor book about first pregnancy. You would make it amberliciously hilarious!

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