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Bird Update

Hubs discovered the reason the bird's nest was gone last night. It had fallen off the porch light and was hiding behind our shrubbery -- along with the little baby birdies, who had been tossed from the nest and lay quivering in the dirt.

After a little online research, an almost-teary-eyed hubs pulled on his new gardening gloves (I watched his back so as to warm him of the approach of the angry Mamma Bird) and scooped the little ones back into their nest home... and he stood on our his beer cooler to return the nest to its original spot.

A little while later, Mamma Bird returned with food and was perched back atop her new arrivals.

I planned to blog earlier, and thought this story might have a happy ending.

Sadly, the nest has fallen again. I just arrived home from work -- it's Friday evening -- and there is no nest. I assume it's in the bushes, but I am not going to look. Hubs might look when he gets here. (Since I'm pregnant, I can't be around random bird flu potentially diseased tweeters. (@someonesluttyspice ... BAHahahaha.)

(Had to insert something funny to ease the sadness.)

(I hope this isn't a bad omen about my own pregnancy.)

Hubs makes me laugh

During the American Idol results show on Wednesday, I laughed as all the girls squealed about Bieber. It was Bieber fever up in there.

Hubs caught me smiling, and he was all, "Oh. God. Please don't tell me you like that little Justin Beaver."

"No, hubs. It's Bieber. And, I mean, yeah -- whatever, he's okay. If I was twelve I would have a crush. I'll admit that... But, seriously, though. I like him about 100 times more than the Jonas Brothers."

The hubster response?

"That's like saying you like AIDS 100 times more than cancer."


Okay, hubs. Point taken. (But the boy does look fine in purple.)


Amalia T. said…
A boy once told me he loved me, but that only meant that he liked me more than rotting corpses.

I never quite knew how to take it.
MJenks said…
Yeah...that's the wisest thing I've ever heard you say that Hubs said.

Of course, that might be the only thing I've ever heard you say that Hubs said...
Ashley Stone said…
I think Justin B is pretty good for as young as he is! haha.

Please update us on the birdies... I'm worried about the poor babies! : (
Talli Roland said…
Thank the Lord there's an ocean between me and Justin Bieber.
Props to hubs for such a great, true statement. :)
prashant said…
is pretty good for as young as he is!
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elledee said…
Ha, Beaver, that's cute
Tina Lynn said…
My six-year-old is in LOVE:)
carissajaded said…
YESSS I'm so happy I'm not the only one who has the Bieber Fever! I'm kinda mad at hubs right now.

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