horses, horses, horses, horses

It felt so strange not to blog yesterday.

I don't think I even opened my reader!

I didn't intend to unplug. I planned to post at work. (Shh.)

Yesterday was the running of the Kentucky Oaks. (It's like the Christmas Eve of the Kentucky Derby.)

Point being: we are usually super slowspice at work.

What actually happened: the bank was as busy as a moderately attractive hooker on a popular corner.

There was a record crowd at Churchill Downs yesterday: blue skies, perfect 80 degree weather with wind... it was the most beautiful day. (I know it was a beautiful day because the bank has windows.)

(No. I'm not bitter that I had to work. Not at all.)

So, today is Kentucky Derby 136. Because God hates gambling, the sublime Louisville weather from yesterday has transformed into buckets of rain. If you're betting on the race, bet on a horse that can run on a sloppy track -- we call 'em mudders.

I won't be going to the Derby. I may not even go to a derby party. Today is the kind of day when curling up in bed with a book and something hot to drink sounds like the best laid plan.

(Of course, I have to go work at the bank for a few hours first.)

What I'll probably do, when I get back home, is sit on the couch with a bag of chips and watch very nervous local news reporters interview the celebrities who are in town for the big horsey race.

Next, I think I'll take a nap. Finally, I'll wake up and watch the most exciting two minutes in sports!


I love your plans for a Saturday. I may borrow part of them, just not the working in the bank for a few hours part. :) Enjoy your weekend.
pinkflipflops said…
we had a beautiful day yesterday as well! today rainy... but it is nice temp wise.. one of my students invited me to their soccer game but i'm not sure if i want to go.. i was hoping for sun!
Travener said…
That's the trouble with horse racing, especially the Derby (at least on TV) -- you get two or three hours of televised preview gabfest, followed by two minutes of action.

Probably akin to the reaction of the woman to whom I lost my innocence.
Travener said…
Except that wasn't on TV, thank god.
Ashley Stone said…
I'm so scared a horsey is going to get hurt in the mud!!! I have to work tonight too.... at a restaurant that no one will be at.

I'll be the one watching the derby behind the bar and crying like 2 years ago when the horse fell and had to be put down. : (
ND said…
"as busy as a moderately attractive hooker on a popular corner." Statements like this make me love you all the more.
Hope your weekend is going great. LOVE the pic of you at the doc's!!!!
Jen said…
Hope you have a great weekend, excellent Saturday in place!
Talli Roland said…
Enjoy those two minutes! Hope you have a great weekend.
saucyminx410 said…
Please, Please, PLEASE tell me your title line is from SLeepless in Seatle when Meg Ryan is singing in the car- I thought I was the only person to hear that and continue to use/make fun of it on a regular basis- so if you do to - that means...I'M NOT CRAZY!?!?!
@ saucy -- Yeah, it was from Sleepless! You aren't crazy. :)
Jm Diaz said…
Ha! Hope you enjoyed your 2 minutes...

My mind can't help but wander at that statement... sorry

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