i want to stay LOST forever

As soon as the LOST camp announced an end-date for the show a few years back, I pleaded with the Big Guy upstairs:

"Please don't let anything happen to me before then! I really, really, really want to know how LOST ends!!"

The series finale was last night. The series finale was magical, worthy, and wonderful. My life is completespice: I saw how LOST ended.

Of course, there are still questions. If you are a huge follower of the show, there are still things left unsaid, mysteries not fully explained -- hell, the last twenty minutes alone raised more questions!

I. don't. care.
LOST is still the best.show.ever.

Here are my top-ten-off-the-top-of-my-head burning questions:

1. Since Jacob "touched" the castaways and brought them to the island for a reason, he had to have orchestrated the plane crash (i.e. he had to cause the pilot to turn off course -- or at least cause the transceiver to stop working -- and he also had to ensure that Desmond would fail to push the button that day.) Did Jacob have an accomplise? How was he able to pull this off?

2. Why were Walt, Michael, and Ana Lucia not at the church in the end? (And Mr. Eko! Where was he?)

3. When and how did all of the people who met at the church die -- the ones who hadn't died yet -- especially Kate, Claire, Ben ? (...even though he didn't go inside, we have to assume he is dead because he is "in" the sideways/ alternate world).

4. Was Miles or Daniel Faraday at the church? If not, why weren't they there?

5. Did Kate, Lepidus, Claire, Ben and Miles make it off the island? Was that the plane Jack saw at the end? Or was it the alterna-world fake Oceanic 815 flight that never crashed?

6. Did Jacob ever "touch" Hurley before the Oceanic 6 (post-island) cab ride?

7. How did Jack get back on land at the end?

8. How did Juliet know about the sideways world before she died? I assume it was because she was close to death, but then -- did other castways also see the sideways world when they were about to die?

9. Was Widmore "with" Jacob? How did he know the survivors of flight 815 were on the island and that he needed to fake the plane crash in order to let the rest of the world believe all the castaways died? (I do remember that he was watching the island, trying to get back, etc. But I still feel that the Widmore connection needed more fully explained. Thank you.)

10. When Jack killed Unlocke (Fake Locke/ Smoke Monster/ Man in Black) near the end, did he destroy all of the evil on the island? After Jack replaced the stone on the light -- who was the new smoke monster that Hurley was left to protect?Also, Hurley, Sawyer, and Desmond stayed on the island. What happened to them after Jack died? 

Are you a LOSTIE? Did you watch the show faithfully? What are your thoughts about the finale? What questions do you still have?

Did you never watch the show? Watch a few episodes and give up?

Do you think it's weird that, now that it's over, I feel a little empty and sad today?


Melissa said…
Yes! Huge Lost fan here!

I did like the ending, but it took me a while to wrap my mind around it. Really cool stuff there.

I wondered why some of the survivors were not in the church, too, but I also wondered why Aaron was there as a baby. He made it off the island and Kate left him with Claire's mom - seems like he would have been older in the church. I know that everyone at the church died at different times, but that little thing bugged me. And why did they have a whole story in the "alternate world" with Jack having a son with Juliet? What was the point?
Tina Lynn said…
I'm commenting just so you know I love you, but haven't watched yet, so I will NOT be reading your blog today. *kisses*
carissajaded said…
Ughhh All you people are making me cray cray!!!

I quit watching Lost two years ago and now I'm super duper regretting it. I didn't read your questions because I plan on starting back up this week online so I can see what all this is about!

It was just taking too long to progress but I think now it's over and know there IS an end in sight, I can handle it...
Travener said…
Well, you know how I feel from my blog post. Sure, I liked all the feel-good stuff at the end. glad Sawyer and Juliette hooked up, even if it was in the afterlife. (Sawyer got off the island on the plane, by the way.) But...well, I still want to know a few things, beginning with WHERE THE FUCK DID THIS ISLAND COME FROM IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE?
Brilliant Review.. :)
Jen said…
I have never seen an episode of lost (please still be my friend, lol) but I can appreciate the sadness and epicness of a finale! Glad to see that you enjoyed it and as a lostie you realized things would be left unsaid!

Happy Tuesday!
I can't believe how much I bawled through the entire thing!

Check out this video about unanswered questions from College Humor. I think you will like it.
Ashley Stone said…
I missed this post of yours until today somehow! I totally am feeling LOST about LOST! I have so many unanswered questions!!! Like... at the end when they showed the plane crashed on the beach... does that mean that they all went back to the island??? And they never fully explained about the "light" and what would happen if the smoke monstor/Locke got off the island.... ugh. So many questions! I guess we'll never know.

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