more cool than uncool

Uncool Things About Today

I was supposed to have my second baby-doctor's appointment today, but apparently, my OBGYN has more patients than just me, and one of them decided to go into labor.

Sadly, I busted my hump to get out of work with enough time to scarf down a bite to eat before my 2:00 appointment time, and didn't get the voicemail about needing to reschedule the visit until I was pulling into the frakking parking lot.

Oh well.

Cool Things About Today

Since I'd already broken out of the office (okay, the bank branch, but doesn't "the office" sound cool-er?) I decided not to go back this afternoon. I'm working the Saturday morning hours, so I don't have to use personal time -- I just won't get any overtime this week.

With free time in front of me, I drove around in the late May heat with my air conditioner cranked and my sunglasses on, drinking iced tea and making eyes at hot boys in hot cars next to me at red lights. (Can't see my belly bump from the other side of the car window!)

Then, I stopped at The Comfy Cow, a new sweets shoppe. I sampled the Vermont Maple Nut and the Peanut Butter Peanut Butter ice creams and then asked for a Chess Bar to go. The Chess Bar is seriously like an orgasm wrapped in cupcake-paper.

Sorry, but it is.
I came home, watched the newest epi of Nurse Jackie on Showtime-On-Demand, and then sat outside reading my Nick Hornby and (secretly) drinking iced coffee. (It's my third cup o' caffeine of the day. Don't tell my husband.)

Outside, my dog lay down in the grass and sort of lazily panted and looked around. She looked super contentspice and it made me smile.

Then, I saw a white butterfly.

That's why today was more cool than uncool.


Tina Lynn said…
White butterflies make me smilelikeakidonchristmasmorning :)
Jen said…
What are you sorry about?? There is absolutely nothing wrong with an orgasm wrapped in cupcake paper. Right now I think I could really use one of those.

Your day sounds amazing!! Just being able to do nothing, look at hot boys, drink obscene amounts of caffiene followed by a delicious wrapped orgasm I woud say is pretty frickin awesome!
Melissa said…
I'm so jealous! Your afternoon sounds perfect. I wish I could get a kid-free afternoon to enjoy (those are almost non-existent now).
Travener said…
Iced coffee and butterflies -- what could be cooler than that? When are you going to post a pic of this famous baby bump of yours? More important, have your boobs started to get bigger yet (though that hardly seems possible)?
carissa said…
Sounds like a day made of awesome! I would say more but I really must google chess bar. I'm so craving chocolate so if it comes up chocolate I may have to hurt you.

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