no lifeguard on duty

I didn't puke this morning! Hooray!!

Maybe morning sickness is becoming a thing of the past. Oh, that would just be fantastic -- as opposed to yesterday, when I hurled up cold water -- which was all I had in my system.

Moving on.

I'm pretty such I'm probably kicked out of my crit group, since I haven't posted a chapter or completed any crits in a full month. I don't know why I've put writing on the back burner since finding out about my pregnancy... but that's what I've done.

Sure, I've been a little more tired than before -- and maybe a bit distracted -- but it's not like I'm repainting a nursery yet, or stocking up on onesies, or stalking every known baby name website. (Well, okay. Maybe I am doing the last one, you know, since hubs isn't a fan of Simon Larter Murphy for a boy or Tina Lynn Murphy for a girl. Whatevs.)

However, yesterday's Let's Talk Blogfest really got me salivating a bit. I think it's time for me to dip my toes into the icy waters that are my WIP. Nah. Forget that sissy stuff.

I'd better just dive on in.

What was your lengthiest writing hiatus after you got serious about penning a novel? Why did you take such an extended break? Did you find it difficult to get back into it, or was it more like riding a bike? 


Jen said…
I had a three week hiatus and it drove me crazy all of the days, I then worked on my WiP for two days and since then been on another hiatus and it sucks! I plan on trying writing out again this evening. My personal crap just keeps getting in the way and I can't get my head in the game!

Simon C. Larter said…
Hahahaaa! Well why would hubs not be a fan of that? You could always just throw my middle name into the mix (Craig) and leave off the surname. Or you could just skip my first name altogether and go for Craig Murphy. That's a good, solid, manly, Celtic name, no?

Do dive back into that WIP, good lady. You'll acclimate to the water quickly, I'm sure. I'll drink to your success. (I'll drink to anything, really.)

Oh, and hi, Tina! *waves*
Sierra said…
I totally don't blame your hubs for not being a fan of Simon Larter Murphy. Just saying.

You're pregnant. You've got hormones roiling through your body. And your body is working hard to kick all that into gear. Of course you're going to slack on things.

Morning sickness ends at different times for different people, but mine went from 7-12 weeks.

Also, whenever you're ready to hear what it feels like to push a baby out, I will tell you in ONE WORD.
Ashley Stone said…
you're completely allowed to be distracted. You are growing a human!!!
It's always hard to get back into the writing after a break. I find writing anything, even just scribbles in a diary or notes about your characters can help give you a push (you probably don't want to be reminded about pushing just yet)
carissa said…
I'm really glad you didn't puke today. That is an awesome accomplishment. I always take breaks from writing, though I can't say I've even ever attempted a novel. I've thought about it a lot, but never put pen to paper... so i think my longest hiatus has actually been... well forever.
Travener said…
About a decade, I think. And yes, it was very hard to get back on the saddle.
Try to get back into the WIP if you can. Even if it is a 100 words a day. Stay connected to it, no matter what! My longest has been about three weeks. Getting back into it is always so hard.
prashant said…
I plan on trying writing out again this evening. My personal crap just keeps getting in the way and I can't get my head in the game!
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