ole garbage disposal

Seriously, I can't even blog during lunch anymore.

(I now spend the whole time feeding my face.)

Here is my usual food routine:

breakfast number one

coffee or cola -- my only caffeine of the day

breakfast number 2

nutri-grain bar
probiotic yogurtish shake
string cheese
yogurt (unless it's "fruit on the bottom." gag me.)


healthy choice steamer meal and a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese


a whole wheat bagel with mozarella cheese and roasted garlic hummus
tortilla chips
more string cheese
raw veggies with obscene amounts of green onion dip

afternoon work snack

carrot sticks
oyster crackers
granola bar


whatever hubs cooks for me. Monday it was Five Guys Burgers and Fries, last night it was pizza rolls. Tonight, he's grilling brats and we're having potato salad on the side!


ice cream sammies

night time snack

more string cheese
half a pbj

Yeah, so all this talk about food has me FAMISHED.

Point of this post? Yes, I've been noshing CONSTANTLY, but when it comes right down to it -- nothing really sounds that fantastic.

What did you crave when you were preggers?


Jenna Wallace said…
Sounds about right!
With my first child (boy), I craved berries, yogurt, and grapefruit. Very healthy.
With my second (girl), I stuffed in every little morsel of junk food I could find. Chips, cookies, you name it. In fact, when I went to the grocery store, I would buy a wedge of chocolate cake from the bakery and eat it in the car on the way home.
KarenG said…
Sugar sugar and more sugar. Not a healthy choice.
Melissa said…
I craved junk food all three times! Bad mommy, but I couldn't help myself.
Jen said…
You go girl!!! Forget about blogging and feed that baby!!! We'll be here with you listening to what you can't do because you're eating. Wait a minute why are you blogging? Aren't you hungry... maybe you should be eating!
Travener said…
Never having been pregnant, I of course had no food cravings. When the spousal unit was preggers, however, I had a very strong craving for the world's strongest air freshener. Along about the seventh month or so the spousal unit and I were staying in Rome and I went out for a cig and came back to the hotel and literally -- and I mean literally -- reeled back at the hurricane-force odor of flatulence that greeted me when I opened the door.

Anyway, eat up!
Ha. I love eating with my pregnant friends. They just relish their food, you know? So enjoyable.
Ashley Stone said…
That sounds about like me.... and I'm NOT pregnant!! But boy am I going to get fat when I am! I love to eat. Just finished me off a bowl of cereal.... always great when eaten at 2AM!!! Ugh.
B.E. Sanderson said…
The only food I remember craving was green olives - which I hated until I got pregnant. I could eat a whole jar in one sitting. Of course, I must've been eating a lot of other things because I gained 50 lbs of pregger weight (and only 7lbs of that was baby).
Matthew Rush said…
Hi Amber. I followed you over here from Jen at Unedited's blog so I thought I would become a new follower. Nice ta meet ya!
Anonymous said…
I've never been pregnant myself, but my mother used to crave rainbow sherbet ice cream mixed with green olives and whipped cream when I was in the oven.

I know. Gross.
I always wanted toast, cold cereal or burritos. Nothing weird. Oh, with one child I wanted peanut butter fudge constantly!

:) Just be glad you can eat and are not so sick that you can't eat anything at all. And you are eating WAY healthier than I ever did. Good for you!

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