Did you ever hear about

I remember when I discovered the website -- I think it was in the early 2000's -- and learned about this posh New Yorker named Karyn who was determined to get out of around 20k in credit card debt. She was selling tons of her prized designer handbags and outfits, and she also requested that readers send a dollar her way to help her out.

Now, Karyn Bosnak is out of debt and is also a published author -- she wrote a book about her internet panhandling, and her second book 20 TIMES A LADY is being flick-ified.


I wish I could get my followers to mail me a dollar each.

That would add up to $158.00

It wouldn't get me out of debt, but I would be able to make an extra credit card payment or something.

I wish I'd thought of it first. Karyn Bosnak is so freakin' lucky.

You can read her blog here.

And if you want to mail me a dollar, you can't. I don't have a PO BOX, and it's creepyspice to announce your home address all over the internets.



~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Why oh why did i not think of that!?!? lol

You could always wait till ya "pop" a little & come to the big city & panhandle for a week or so. I hear alot of the panhandlers here in the city do it as a living & make a pretty serious amount. (well serious for panhandling that is.) You could always use the catch phrase -"Feed my baby" it might work to your advantage & pay for the hospital bill for babyspice. ;)
jayme said…
i could use some extra money too please? or at least some qdoba? ...and did you hear, tracy quit? so sad so sad.
laurel said…
Well, obvs won't be sending you a dollar, but I did post your name-look up list results Monday. Hope it helps with your characters.
carissajaded said…
You could set up a paypal account or something.. I'd give you a dollar if you'd give me one back in a month or so...

But seriously, that lady was a geeeenius!
Talli Roland said…
Whoa, what a great idea! Shame it's been done already.
Simon C. Larter said…
Who needs an address? Paypal. Duhspice.

Jen said…
LMAO what a brilliant idea!!! Maybe I should get a P.O. Box and start working on it!!! Thanks for telling me not to use my address, being blonde I might have thought about it!
I love Karyn. She lives in my neighborhood and I always hope I will run into her. But then I don't, because, as you put it, she might think I am creepyspice.

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