TMI Thursday: in which hubs gets too close for comfort

You probably thought this post was going to be about pregnant hanky-panky.

It's so not about that.

So, you know how hubs is in the dark about my addiction to blogging?

I think he is thisclose to discovering my blog, if he hasn't already discovered it.

See, when hubs navigates the internet, he always goes to "favorites" and then "history" to load up his desired website. So, after I've had my way with my reader, several of your blogs show up right there in the history feed on our adorable lap-top built for two.

The other night, I walked into the room and noticed hubs had a window open -- it had a pink-y background. I recognized the site immediately. It was Fiction Groupie's blog.

"Are you reading one of mine?" I asked him, scared to actually utter the word "blog."

"No," he responded lied. (I love catching hubs in lies. It's so empowering.)

He closed the window and right behind it was Vita Brevis' blog. I wasn't born yesterday. He closed that one, too -- in a quicklike manner that is normally reserved for those moments when I catch him looking at porn.

That was the full extent of our conversation on the topic.

Then, the other day, hubs swore I hadn't kissed him hello when he got home from work.

I had been seated at the laptop, commenting on blogs and strolling through my reader.

He told me, "You were too busy blogging."

I was all defensive, "I wasn't too busy. I was just sitting down. You could have come over here and kissed me!"

So, he did. And then he sat down on the couch next to me and told me that there was a guy who had the same name as him, who was an expert-something-or-other and... did I know how he knew that?

"We googled ourselves at work today. It was so-and-so's idea."

"Cool, hubs. Good for you."

Had it never occured to hubs to google himself before? And if he googled himself, did he google me, too?

Does he know about musings of amber murphy? Has he read any back posts? Will he tell me if he knows of my bloggy existance?

Hubs: if you know about this blog and admit it to me, you'll get a beej tonight. (We've never called it that before. I just didn't really want to type the words out full-on. Oh, hell. Nevermind. Blowjobspice. There. I said it.)


Shain Brown said…
You are too much, not literally it's just a saying. I so enjoy your blog, from the "I wonder what she is going to say today?" To the I cant believe she just said that, you know, like today. Either way I feel like it's my daily soap opera. Keep up the great posts it offers some laughter for my serious work filled days.

Thanks again, superblogwriterintheclosetspice
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Then, the other day, hubs swore I hadn't kissed him hello when he got home from work.

!?!?! Ha! Yours does this too? Uhhh did our husbands come from the same factory? ;) lol
LOL, Amber, you are the topofthespicerackspice, whatever that might actually be. You make me smile by saying things I wish I had the nerve to even whisper to my hubby much less say out loud for the whole world to hear.

My hubby has started commenting occasionally on my blog and I have to admit it makes me want to cry. Tears. Of. Joy. Seems he is more interested in my writing "hobby" now that he sees other people paying attention. I'll take what I can get. ;)
Amalia T. said…
Hahaha! That's the awesomest prompt for confession EVER.
Matthew Rush said…
My "wife" is aware of my blog but doesn't read it. I'm like WTF?

I mean she's not a big reader but if she blogged I would be really curious. I'm not upset about it at all but I just don't get it

Anyway you are very funny. We call it oral pleasure, but certainly don't talk about it publicly. Very brave of you. Speaking of which, well only slightly related, don't Google my name unless you want to see pics of a VERY hawt gay porn star. Maybe I should start using my middle name as a writer?
Jen said…
LMAO! I so need to know if he reads your blog, how funny if he would admit it after this post. However it's a man and if he reads this he's going to share it with you... not going to miss something so great as a BJ.

My hubby reads my blog, how often I don't know but he reads it!
ROFL!! Too hilarious! Come on, Amber's Hubs, own up. You know about her awesomespice blog, don't you?

My last name is pretty unique: Ducleroir. It's my married name, natch. My hubby once Googled himself, and was like, WTF?? when pages and pages of results turned up for ME! Nothing on him. Ba-ha-ha!

Have a fun night *wink*
Lisa and Laura said…
Ok, so you know what we really want to know is if he read the damn blog or not! Hilarious. I bet my husband would read my blog every day with posts like that.
India Drummond said…
This post made me laugh out loud! Husbands are odd.

I discovered recently that mine subscribes to my blog via email so he never misses one! Sneaky, that.
carissa said…
Amber I can't stop laughing! I STILL can't believe he hasnt known about your blog until (maybe) now. And how in the world is he just now googling himself!?

I love you so much for this!
Jm Diaz said…
Beautiful. Just beautiful piece of writing.. I'm playing catchup on my blogging. You are gifted, and I am lucky to be a reader. :)
Jenna Wallace said…
The tactical brilliance of this just astounds me. I am still laughing a day later. I'm laughing so hard I just made my husband read your blog. And no, he's not getting a bj for doing it.
ND said…
Brilliant tactic. I seriously live for TMI Thursday.
Sierra Godfrey said…
I just love you, Amber. I live for TMI Thursdays now. Really.

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