tuesday ten

I'm too far behind in my reader to write a proper post. (It just wouldn't be fair.)

I'll give you a random Tuesday list instead, then I'll try to catch up and comment on a few of your blog posts, dearest readers.

1. Sometimes when I am out (for instance, eating at Macaroni Grill) I look at people's babies and I think "God, I hope mine turns out cuter than that one!"

2. The other night, I asked hubs to pour me some ice water so I wouldn't have to get off the couch. He was all, "I don't wanna get up either" so I told him I read somewhere that it makes the baby happy when he does things for me.

He's all, "Did you read that on your blog?"

I was all, "What? No!"

He added, "Was that one of your facebook status updates?"

"Uh, maybe... Just get me some damn agua!"

(I think hubs knows about my blog! I just can't understand why he doesn't stalk it enough to claim the b.j. I promised him in my post last Thursday... It's a mysteryspice.)

3. Congrats to Natalie Murphy -- who got engaged to be married. I hope she's keeping her last name so we can forever be Murphy twins.

4. I got some Mother's Day cards from hubs side of the family. It seems kind of creepy to me -- I guess it just made the whole thing more real. But seriously, what can they say so far about my maternal skills? "Way to carry that fetus! You're #1."

5. I won a blog contest! Jennifer Walkup had a 100 followers contest. and I wonspice!! (I literally just found out. I've been composing this list and catching up on my reader because I multi-task like nobodies business.) Now I'm doing the Carlton dance.

6. Only one more new episode of LOST before the finale. I may need someone to hold me and let me cry into their arm pit once the series ends. I will feel lonely for a little while after it's all said and done.

7. Miss Vickie's Sea Salt and Vinegar All Natural Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are like an orgasm in a plastic bag.

8. I have to go back to work now...

9. even though I would rather stay here and keep listing stuff while simultaneously reading your blog posts...

10. and maybe eat some more of those chips. Seriously.

He said, "Was it one of your status updates on facebook?"


Melissa said…
We'll have to form a support group for when Lost is over. I'm getting all depressed just thinking about it:( On the other hand, the hubs is excited...he doesn't like it! (Yeah, I'm married to a freak!)
Jen said…
So did the hubs get up and get you glass of ice water??
Natalie Murphy said…
Thank you hun =)

No, I won't be keeping my name when I get married. However, I will publish under Natalie Murphy... so it's like I'm keeping it, ya know?
Tina Lynn said…
Hubs knows about the blog!?!
Ashley Stone said…
loving the list! I too am way behind on my reader list!
Sierra Godfrey said…
Don't forget to tell hubs that you are busy CREATING and GROWING his baby when you're on the couch and need water. Working hard, is what you're doing -- and remind him that it just doesn't look like it but trust you, you are.

Also I used to always look at babies when I was preggers and hope mine was cuter.

Finally, is it possible hubs scans your blogs and missed the promise of the beej? I mean, it was at the bottom of the post, but then again you've done a good job of repeating it.
carissajaded said…
First of all, I wish hubs would just come out as a blog reader and take ownership!

Second, your baby will be cuter!! AND I CAN"T WAIT!

Third, eat those chips, you deserve it!

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