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So. Hubs and I were so excited when we arrived at my doctor's office this morning. We kept giggling over silly little things. We couldn't wait for the ultrasound!

Seated in the plain-ol'-exam-room, I explained to the nurse (I'd never met this particular nurse) that hubs and I were like giddy little school kids, because we were meeting with the ultrasound tech to hopefully find out the sex of our little bundle!! I refrained from squealing be excited for us!

"Um, what? The ultrasound tech isn't here today..."

I wanted to punch that nurse in her face.

So, she took some blood from my arm (birth-defects-tests) and said she would talk to my doctor.

My doctor came in and said, "So, you thought you'd be having an ultrasound today?!" She sounded confused, as if I'd told her I thought pregnancy itself only lasted four days or something.

"Yeah. Because that's what you told me the last time I was here, at my twelve week appointment. You said the tech can almost always determine gender at 16 weeks, and that I should be prepared. So, that's why I brought my husband with me."

She didn't really apologize for the misunderstanding or anything! (Later, when hubs called her something like a frigid biotch, I sort of defended her: what was she supposed to do? Cry about it?)

Then I said, "Well, could you do the ultrasound? I mean, I know you might not be able to tell... since that's the tech's expertise or whatever. But, we were so excited -- and we're both here."

She.wouldn' She said she "couldn't" which seemed seriously ridicspice considering she performed the first and only ultrasound I've had -- bac when I was 7 weeks preggers.

Still, she said we could set another appointment ASAP for the ultrasound. I chose this Friday morning at 8:00 a.m.

(They better effing tell me what the hell I'm having.)   <-- hormones talking!!

So, continue to enter my contest.

And feel sorry for me, because today was supposed to be super exciting, and instead, all I got was stuck with a mother-lovin' needle.


laurel said…
Aw, hon, what a difficult disappointment. I had repeat ultrasounds because my girl was laying sideways and they couldn't see her heart to know if it was OK the first time (also couldn't tell the sex then). Honestly, later ultrasounds are better because the baby is more developed and looks less like ET. Hang in there!!
Jenna Wallace said…
That seriously stinks. Poor you! But just think...that's two days additional development to ensure that you see your little one in all his or her (I'm still voting his) glory.
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Booooooooooo stupid Dr/Nurse/Ultrasound tech! :(

I am bad at waiting. lol
Jen said…
I'm with the hubs on this one... what a frigid biotch!!! How aggravating that must have been, I would have not only punched the nurse in the face but then the doctor for getting my hopes up!

Hang in there, and just know that friday can be a totaly giggle fest instead! How dare she ruin your day! Make yourself a sundae, it makes the world a better place!! :)
Natalie Murphy said…
*huggles* Sorry sweetie.
doctors can be inanely frustrating
I want to punch that doctor in the facespice for you! I was thinking about you today and hoping you'd found out and were happy--I had lunch with a friend who is preggers and does not know what she's having and won't until it comes out--crazy! :( They better tell you on Friday!!! *fingers crossed*
Vicki Rocho said…
I'm sorry your curiosity didn't get satisfied today! It's frustrating when you just want a quick apology, an acknowledgement that THEY screwed up and they side step it. Grrr.

At least you get to go on Friday! They could've made you wait til your next monthly appointment.
ND said…
I'm totally with hubs on this one. I would have gone all hormonal on the doctor.
carissajaded said…
Ugh I haven't been able to comment in forever, but ive been keeping up and im uber bummed i couldn't find out your baby's sex today, so i can only imagine what you're feeling! Oh well im looking forward to friday now!
Wendy Sparrow said…
Oh I'm sorry, Amber. We had multiple ultrasounds due to preterm labor and my history of miscarriages and, I swear to you, if they hadn't been stubborn... it would have been your baby. We never had an easy time figuring out the sex of our children and there were always more ultrasounds for worries. They never even took a stab at gender until 21 weeks for me... so this is nice and early for you.

Good luck on Friday. *hugs*
Lame! But maybe she couldn't do the ultrasound because she had to rush off to help someone? ;)

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