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One week from tomorrow -- in eight short days -- I will get to find out whether this little entity growing inside me is a boy baby or (squee!) a girl baby.

I mean: I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'll only be at sixteen weeks then, but my OBGYN says that her ultrasound-magician-woman can almost always determine the sex at that time. Still, I guess there's always the chance that the baby will be positioned in such a way that we won't get to see anything at all...

but why think about that?

So, I'm getting all excitedspice.

And I can think of only two things: one, getting to narrow down my window-shopping to the cutest ever, teeny-tiny baby stuff in lavendar and pink... or the still-very-adorable tans and blues.

The other thing I'm currently obsessed with?


Here's my short list:

Girl (squee!) Names
1. Stella
2. Ava
3. Claire
4. Emma
5. Piper

Boy Names
1. Holden
2. Alexander
3. Mason
4. Liam
5. Oden

(Okay, let me be honest. Hubs is the one who likes Liam and Oden. I don't think Liam Murphy works, because when you say it together it sounds like "Leah Murphy." Oden is just weird.)

Also, I haven't really gotten attached to many boy names yet, because I secretly want a (squee!!!) girl.

What did you name your little offspring? (Plural -- offsprings? offsprung?)
Which of my names do you love and adore?
What are some of your suggestions for Baby Murphy?
Do you think I'll have a boy or a (squee!) girl? (Wager below, in the comments.)


A. Grey said…
I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to which sex it'll be... I'm bad juju for gamblers...

As for names, I have no offspring myself (unless cats and horses count) but my twin sister just had her first baby, a little girl (squee) named Scarlett Annette. My sis has always, always loved the name Scarlett (since before we ever heard of Gone With the Wind) and Annette is after her hubby's mother, who passed away from ovarian cancer last year.

Some of my favorite boy names are:


I know, I'm heavy on the a's and e's but it is what it is... :)

Girl Names:

Brecon (Could be a boy name too)

Of your names, I adore




Happy Pregnancy! :D
laurel said…
Ah, naming is such fun. It's my very favorite part of writing. I'm of course partial to Claire, since that's my daughter's name. I'm kind of grooving with Piper of your choices. I picture her being a bright, energetic girl with a quick mind who's apt to crack zingy one-liners.

My hubby rags on my taste in boys' names--says they all sound like guys who get beat up a lot. :-P I really don't care for Holden, but that's partly just a bad association with an ex who was entirely too gaga over Catcher in the Rye.
Jen said…
YAY!!! I can't wait to see what the sex is and see you get even more excited than you already are... no matter if it is a boy or a (squee!) girl!

I love the names you have picked out! They are super cute and I think you are going to have one stylish baby on your hands! I love Stella... classic and adorable!

My sisters baby is Chloe Elizabeth Torres, not original but the baby is... she is the cutest eva!
Aw, I can't believe I didn't know you were pregnant. Boy, what a bad follower am I???? #Shannonfail

Huge congrats! And I think you have some great names here. I'm terrible with naming things--takes me forever to name my characters--so I won't throw anything else into the pot. But I can't wait to find out what you decide.

Have a great day!
Jenna Wallace said…
Oooh...good luck with the ultrasound. The most I could get out of the technician was "I don't see anything that would indicate that it is a boy." meaning that it could still be a boy but that he wasn't revealing his little bits and pieces.

For names, we named our son Sean after Sean Connery because I always joked that I married my hubby because he did the best S.C. accent ever (he is from Edinburgh). I had to wait for the second kid to use the name Mia Catrin Anne.

I like the name Aislin (Ash-lynn) for a girl -- Irish -- but Americans are terrible at pronouncing it.

My husband smartly steered me away from Dartagnan for a boy because he said the kid would get beat up all the time, although I figured it would help him score the smart chicks when he was older.
Simon C. Larter said…
Ava was in the running for our last daughter's name. I vote for that one. :)

Liam was too, if she'd turned out to be a boy. You could always buffer Liam from Murphy with a middle name, like James or Thor or something.

Come to think of it, Alexander was another name we were thinking of for a boy. What's up with that? Were you preemptively stalking me even back then? Huh.

I admire that kind of dedication.
How exciting! I didn't get to find out until I was 20 weeks, my doc must've been holding out on me. :)

And with gender, I can tell you I at first wanted a girl, but had a boy--and am so happy about that. Boys are awesome. So you'll enjoy whichever he/she turns out to be. :)

And with the names--I like Claire and Piper. Be aware that Emma (and all the Emily derivatives have been in the top five for most popular names for years.) Emma is currently sitting at number two in the country (Ava's number 5). So, I don't know if that's important to you that she doesn't end up as Emma M. in every class because there are three other Emmas, but it's something to be aware of. Here's the link to the lists from the social security admin that list the top 100 popular names: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/cgi-bin/popularnames.cgi

Admittedly, I was a bit obsessed with not picking too popular of a name. We ended up choosing Marshall for my son (we call him Marsh, but figure he has the option of the more formal name when he's older.)

Good luck!
Dree said…
Good luck with your ultrasound! I will have my fingers crossed that you get to see what you're workin' with! Haha. I love all of your names, and as a previous poster said, I especially like Piper for a girl because I picture a little spunky girl with pigtails and a great sense of humor. I'm terrible with boys names, but Jackson has always been a favorite!
B.E. Sanderson said…
I'm going to guess that you're having a boy. (Hey, it's a 50/50 thing - which means I'm probably wrong.)

I don't like leaving Daughter's name around the 'net, so I'll give you a couple of my runner-up names. She was almost Chelsea or Edwyna (Eddie for short). If she'd been a boy, she would've either been Tristan or Grayson. (All names she now tells me she would've hated.)

The only suggestion I'll make is for you to make sure your baby's name flows, doesn't make unfortunate initials, and has nothing other kids can use to pick on him with. (Like if you chose Mason and gave him the middle name of Nathaniel - he'd be MNM. I can almost hear the kids asking if he's plain or peanut.) Have fun at your ultrasound. =o)
Oh my gosh I love all your girl names!! All of those are ones I have liked, especially Piper! Soooooo cute! :)

I'm not very good with boy names, lol. I think Alexander is cute and I'm kinda on the fence about Holden, but I think it could be cute!! :)

Can't wait to find out what you're having!

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