google image game

Roni at Fiction Groupie tagged everyone in this meme.

I'll play!

1. Your Favorite beverage:

2. Your hometown:

Bedford, IN

(Current City: Louisville, Kentucky)

3. Your favorite TV show:

RIP... everybody.
4. Your Occupation/You are in school for:

I is a banker.

Went to school to be:

5. Your first car:

(No, seriously.) Go ahead -- laugh it up.
6. Your favorite dish:

I miss stuffing you in my mouth.

7. Celebrity you've been told you resemble:

Ellie Kemper from The Office. (Okay, also Pam Beasley... don't remind me.)

8. Celebrity on your "to do" list:

My God, Ryanspice. You're beautiful.

9. Favorite Childhood toy:

Ryan Reynolds. Oh, also --

Hey! Mine doesn't didn't talk.

10. Any Random picture:

When I first saw this, I was thinking... pregnant Barbie?

Then I saw the liquor bottles.

Consider yourselves tagged... and have fun!


Jen said…
OMG the barbie made me laugh hysterically! I even made my husband look away from his demon solataire to see it... he was not as amused as I was... but that's only because I'm better!

#8 made me also laugh until I almost peed my pants! Your "to do" list... and he is definitely on my list!
Yum, Ryan Reynolds. And I'm so happy someone had an even more cringe-worthy first car than me! :)
KM said…
That makes my first car look a lot better. haha But it ran, right? Better than nothing. :)

And love the drunk Barbie! lol!
carissa said…
Ahhh nice first car! Mine was a Cutless Supreme Oldmobile, 88- so I can relate. Also? Ryan Reynolds? Amazingspice, for sure!
Ashley Stone said…
oh how I love me some Ryan!
pinkflipflops said…
your first car was my mom's first minivan hahaha.
Travener said…
Cute. I like this idea. Especially since I have no others.
Very funspice. Now find that cord so we can see some pics of your cuteness!
The Daily Rant said…
Oooh. This is fun. Doing it on my blog now!

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